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Elainena Copley
Phone: 386-215-6127



Resume: ElainenaCopley.pdf



Elainena Copley's



Elainena Copley, who played the role of an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka at West Orange High School theater, Directed by Rob Rush. She is extremely proud of her other accomplishments in playing a 20 line part as Rachel in the “O Notely High” student film Director: Lauren Johnson, JCEL, Inc., Southeastern University. In 2014 Elainena just booked a Comedy short film- Game On Director: Doeray Griffin, Stand Production Co.


To show her competitive side, Elainena took part of a newly developing show Junior Monster Makers- Executive Producer Tammy Bennet. This is a competition show for children interested in movie special effects that has potential to air on one of the major TV networks. Elainena has also tried to enhance her stage confidence and other skills through pageants, On July 13th she was crowned 2013 National American Miss Jr. Pre-teen Queen. She didn’t only win the crown but also won in the Actress and Casual Wear division, was first runner up in Top Model and Art competition. She has also participated in many school plays and talent shows.



She’s a 10 year old in the fifth grade and her favorite subjects are Science, Reading and Math. Elainena’s dreams are to become a famous actress, model, singer and or Veterinary. She is also athletic and has participated in softball and cheerleading. She will soon take advantage of her interest in figure skating.


Obviously with these experiences she is not afraid of the stage and cameras. It’s the cameras and the stage that need to watch out for her. Elainena’s beautiful smile, bubbly/ambitious personality, corky comical nature and poised but ability to quickly learn are captivating. This 11 year old potential super star is motivated enough to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.



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