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Magic Haus Films is casting for Relationship With Grannie

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Anderson Dovilas
Phone: 407-732-1360



Resume: AndersonDovilas.pdf



Anderson Dovilas was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, July 02, 1985. This young author has published in France, In the US, and in Canada. He has attended the State University of Haiti where he studied Linguistic and a minor in Ethnology. He is a Poet-activist, a cultural Journalist, a playwright, and an actor. Dovilas, has participated, collaborated, and organized several cultural events; and often organized street performances to rein-act the history of his battered country, to create social activities, to educate and entertain. He is one of the Directors of the Haitian American Art Network, Inc., he is one of the founding members of the student association (CEM). Co-Founder and advisor of Parole En Archipel a daily online magazine publish in three languages. He is a member of the Aterlier Creation Marcel Gilbert of the Library “Justin L’Herisson”, and Founder of the Societe des Poetes Creolophones. He is currently the host of “Focus” on Tele Anacaona. He has published eight books, three in Haitian Creole, four in French, and one in English. His texts appeared in several newspapers and magazines in the Caribbean, in the US, and specifically in Haiti and in Europe.



Tony Awards Nominations Announced

The Florida Project Making Waves at Cannes

Sarasota County Film Hiring

Film Florida, a state wide non profit association, will meet with members, board of directors, at annual meeting being held in Destin, Florida. Members are the priority and portions will be open to the public if you are interested in joining the May 22-24 scheduled events. More info here:

The Central Florida Film Festival in Ocoee will be held Labor Day weekend. Filmmakers can submit films until the final deadline on June 5, 2017. Details here:

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