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Film Slam Program for January 13th
(released 1/10/2008)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

The first Film Slam of 2008 is being held Sunday, January 13th at the usual time of 1:00pm and the usual place, Enzian Theater in Maitland.  The program shows 6 shorts running a total of 52 minutes.  Following the screenings, host John Theisen will conduct a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The films are voted upon by the audience and the winning short film will be screened at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase at the end of the year.  Of the 11 winning films from 2007, 4 were picked and will be screened at this year's Florida Film Festival.

To get your film entered into a future Film Slam, go to for details.

You can also go to to listen to an interview with FilmSlam Producer/Host, John Theisen as he talks about the history and details of the event.

Below are the 6 films being screened on Sunday:


#1 - Lobo Negro (2007) / 5 Min
Written by: Gustavo Aviles & Pedro Collado, Directed by: Gustavo Aviles, Produced by: Rosemi Mederos
Miami, FL -

Description: A story about a Hispanic family struggling to maintain social and economic existence in a small Miami community while keeping the hopes and dreams of their small son alive.

#2 - The Future is a Mesh Stallion (2007)  / 4 min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Steve Lackermann
Winter Park, FL -

Description: A non-narrative chromakey extravaganza set to the song, "The Future is a Mesh Stallion," by Neon Blonde.
#3 - The Gorilla of Backwater County (2007)  / 7 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: James Cheshire
Orlando, FL -

Description: Life can be pretty dull in a small town. Luckily for Joe and Bob, they have Barlow to keep themselves entertained.


#4 - Twenty-Four Hours (2007)  / 9 min 7 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ross Goodman
Orlando, FL -

Description: An experimental film that utilizes cinema as means of artistic expression.


#5 - Logan Dell (2007)  / 7 min 40 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Banks Helfrich
Orlando, FL -

Description: Logan Dell wants to read a paper.


#6 - The World's Lousiest Crook (2007)  / 19 min 40 Sec
Written & Directed by: Marc Shapins, Produced by: Adam Ben-Evi & Valensky Sylvain
Orlando, FL -  /

Description: The story of Jess and Berna LaMonda as they went from devoting their life to the mentally and physically handicapped to be falsely accused of stealing over $100 million through the viatical settlements industry.


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