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Masterson To Attend Florida Film Festival
(released 3/6/2008)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

On Wednesday evening March 5th, the Florida Film Festival held an event at the Enzian Theater. At this meeting, recently named Executive Director of the Enzian and FFF Shanon Larimer announced that another celebrity will be attending this year's festival.

Mary Stuart Masteron will be attending the fest. Many Gen Xers will remember her from MTV as the girl running through a field in a Madonna video for "Live To Tell" which was on the soundtrack from At Close Range in which Masterson starred alongside Sean Penn and Christopher Walken. Also out of the 80's, she starred in the John Hughes scribed Some Kind of Wonderful with Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson. She was also in Fried Green Tomatoes and Benny & Joon.

The Florida Film Festival now has two film stars (Masterson and Jennifer Tilly) and one TV celebrity (Anthony Bourdain) scheduled to appear.

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