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Bay Two Gallery Combines Art, Music, and Film
(released 4/21/2008)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

April 9, 2008 marked the grand opening of a new media gallery in Orlando. Bay Two is the name. It is located at the Mills Park Sales Center. Mills Park is the large tract of land once occupied by Mills Nebraska Lumber.

Bay Two will feature different exhibits of art, music, and film and on that night... all three. The host and manager of the art space is Kat Quast, former manager of the Enzian Theater and Florida Film Festival. The event is a joint venture of Quast's newly formed company KaKarMo, Pelloni Development and Lot 1433.

Bay Two in its physical form is a warehouse that is adjacent to the sales center for Mills Park. Justin Pelloni is the developer of the land and his current plans call for a 5,000 sf multi-media performance space as part of Pelloni Development Corporation's ongoing commitment to supporting the arts.

As you walked in that evening, you could see three large video projection screens to your right and art along all the walls surrounding the room. There were a few pieces of 3D art in areas on the floor and upon pedestals. The Stonehenge piece on the floor proved too much for some people to walk around as they gawked at the art on the walls. Music from Ron Irizarry filled the room as a couple hundred people talked and mingled. Capturing the event was a video crew called WTF.

While the grand opening definitely leaned more towards framed art, the next planned event by KaKarmo is a film night. For details on getting your film screened, contact Kat at or visit

Patty Sheehan and friends

For photos from the grand opening of Bay Two, go to the PhotoSeen.


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