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Southeastern University is casting for A Bicycle Built for Two

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Cinergetic TV is casting for Ben 10: Parallel Universe

July Film Slam is Sunday the 13th
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By Douglas Lorah

The July Film Slam is this Sunday the 13th.  There will be 7 short films.  Of note, The Monster Under My Bed screened previously at MegaCon back in March and February Stars screened at the Indie Film Jam and Jacksonville Film Festival.  The Film Slams always run around an hour and are followed by a Q&A with the writers, directors, producers and occasionally an actor or two.

The Film Slam is held at the Enzian Theater at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  If you are interested in getting your short film into a future Film Slam, go to for details.

Here is the schedule of films for Sunday, July 13th followed by film #6 Oviedo Chickens by Kevin Provost which is hosted on Current.

#1 - Minimum Wage (2008) / 2 Min 04 Sec 
Written/Directed/Produced by: Christi Doucet
Orlando, FL -
Description: One man must go to extremes for dinner when a minimum wage job is not enough to cover the basics.


#2 - The Monster Under My Bed (2008) / 6 Min 30 Sec
Written/Directed by: Todd Thompson, Produced by: Todd Thompson, Smithy Sipes, John De La Rosa & Ryan Conroy
Celebration, FL -
Description: Here lies a tale of fright and bone-chilling dread, about the monster under little Samantha's bed...


#3 - The Other Man (2008) / 7 Min 45 Sec
Written by: Lindsay Denniberg & Chris Shields, Directed by: Lindsay Denniberg, Produced by: Christina Santa Cruz
Winter Park, FL -
Description: In a desolate future, a man must choose between losing his wife, or giving her what she really wants.


#4 - Viva Voce (2008) / 13 Min 25 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Jed A. Broitman
Oviedo, FL -
Description: A trip to a "Faraway Place" completes an Odyssey bringing order out of chaos.


#5 - Horror Story (2008) / 9 Min 32 Sec
Written by: Alex Schwantner, Directed by: Caleigh Marie Breymann & Alex Schwantner, Produced by: Kenny Beaumont
Winter Park, FL -
Description: While undergoing a painful break up, Tessa escapes into her current screenplay. As her real life situation intensifies, fantasy is forced to come to terms with reality.


#6 - Oviedo Chickens (2008) / 6 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Kevin Provost
Winter Springs, FL -
Description: One of the many reasons downtown Oviedo, FL has stayed unique is the fact that the town has a large population of free roaming chickens.


#7 - February Stars (2008) / 11 Min
Written by: Sean Heyboer & Kevin Akers, Directed by: Sean Heyboer, Produced by: Megan Morris
Winter Park, FL -
Description: A young deaf man is on his way home to take care of his bed-stricken grandmother when he has a chance encounter with someone who might change his life.



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