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Dystopia Pictures is casting for Colour Blind

This is a school project is casting for Abduction

National University MFA Program is casting for Min Min and The Magic Garden (casting female and male for two characters)

Crescent Moon Screening at Universal Cineplex
(released 2/1/2005)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

Crescent Moon, a Full Sail student film written by Joseph Ashba, will premiere at Universal Cineplex at 1pm on Thursday, February 3rd. The short film is the story of a son trying to avenge his father's death and solve the mystery of the 'crescent moon,' a medallion of power that his father had been charged with protecting before he was killed.

Local martial-artist Phi-Long Nguyen assisted with the 2nd Unit fight scenes while Joop Katana and David Anthony Buglione choreographed the fights as well as acted them out.

"We did a lot of old-style Japanese angles," said UPM Wayne Santoni. "We looked at some old Japanese flicks and tried to do it in an old style with a modern twist."

The screening of 'Crescent Moon' is part of Full Sail's Film Grad Fest. Other student films to be screened include: 16mm 'Fading Light,' 16mm 'Fear the Future,' 16mm 'Messing with a Little Fire,' and 35mm 'City of Refuger.'

Visitors can bring their parking pass into the Cineplex and receive $8 off concession stand items.


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