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February Film Slam is Sunday the 8th
(released 2/6/2009)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

This Sunday is the 2nd Film Slam of 2009.  There are 6 short films and 1 music video.  The music video for local touring act Mumpsy was just shot a week ago in Sanford.

The event begins at 1pm at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  After the screenings, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Below, you will find the list of films followed by a link to the Enzian and its address.  There is information on how to enter your short film into the monthly screening competition.


#1 - Dust and Mud (2008)  / 10 Min 25 Sec
Written/Directed by: Nicholas Ruff, Produced by: Tyler Billingsly
Winter Park, FL -
Description: A documentary that follows BJ Carter, a rodeo cowboy, on his path to become a rodeo champion.


#2 - Head in Hands (2009)  / 2 Min 50 Sec  *Music Video
Written/Directed by: Jon Jones, Produced by: John Nelson
Performed by: Mumpsy
Winter Park, FL -

Description: A frustrated man finds beauty while searching for answers.


#3 - Wet Skin (2008)  / 10 Min 50 Sec
Written/Directed by: Lindsay Denniberg, Produced by: Christina Cruz
Winter Park, FL -
Description: One man's aquatic fantasy.


#4 - Locked Up: More than a Statistic (2008)  / 7 Min 18 Sec
Written/Directed by: Candi Reeder, Produced by: Aarron West
Winter Park, FL -
Description: A personal account of two youth offenders, and the factors that played a part in their story.


#5 - Syd's Free (2008)  / 1 Min 42 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Henry Maldonado
Longwood, FL -
Description: Syd wants to be free.


#6 - Homesick (2008)  / 8 Min
Written/Directed by: Adam Arnali, Produced by: Ken Laroe, Ryan Funk, Linnda Durre' & Adam Arnali
Orlando, FL -
Description: A tale about a Central Florida architect named Timothy Zeit who has lost his heart to finish building a dream house for his family.


#7 - The Curse of Dr. Mongoo (2008) / 25 Min
Written/Directed by: Joe Badiali,  Produced by: BNS and Abyssmal Entertainment
Orlando, FL -
Description: Doomsday County is infected by the mind controlling, body melting plague that is the curse of Doctor Mongoo.  This doesn't scare Doomsdays finest detectives Montgomery and Chops...



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