J Fair 2009: Japanese Art & Film Festival
(released 2/28/2009)

The Orlando Public Library will be the backdrop for J.Fair 2009: Japanese Art & Film Festival on March 13th and 14th.  There will be cultural displays, art exhibits, movie screenings, and food samplings.

On Friday, the downtown library will start the festival with Art After Hours at 7pm.  There will be art by Terue Shoji, Larry Mitchell, Eric White, and Gary Lau, music by koto player Tomoko Kawahara and food provided by Shin, Bento Cafe, Ran Getsu, Nishimoto Trading, and CI Tea Herbal Garden.

On Saturday, the films will start at 1pm and run through 5pm.  There will be popcorn and traditional Japanese snacks.

The feature films:

Doraemon - Nobita's Dinosaur
Join the adventures of Doraemon in this feature-length Japanese film. Created in 1970 by Manga artist Hiroshi Fujimoto, Doraemon has evolved from a simple black and white comic strip character into a long-running television show and a series of annual movies.  In some ways, the character is almost like the Japanese version of Mickey Mouse; he seems almost as widely recognized and plays a similar role as a cultural symbol.

Densha Otaka: Train Man
One Geek.  One Beauty.  One Thousand Noisy Chat Room Residents...
This Japanese film is inspired by the phenomenal bestseller by Hitori Nakano that has taken Japan by storm.  Based on true events that took place on a popular Bulletin Board Web site in Japan, this 2005 fairytale story has become a media sensation, adapted in book, comic, television drama and movie formats.

The Orlando Public Library is located at 101 E. Central Boulevard in downtown Orlando.

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