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Blindsided: 5 Years from Shoot to Run on HBO
(released 3/16/2009)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

As any indie filmmaker knows, it can take time to see your project from concept to screen.

The documentary Blindsided came about in 2004, made a festival tour in 2006, and is now making a run on HBO.  That's 5 years.  It even played in town in 2007 at the Indie Film Jam.

The documentary is about a Lake Highland Prep School student Jared Hara.  At the time, he was going blind at the age of 11 and the doc covers the family turmoil, Jared meeting his favorite band Shinedown, and the journey to the Bahamas that he and a friend take on a specially made inner tube.

The film was directed by Talia Osteen and edited by local Oliver Peters.

It can be seen on March 22nd on HBO Latino (East and West) and on HBO2 (East and West) on April 22nd.

For more on the film, go to


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