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Cinergetic TV is casting for Ben 10: Parallel Universe

Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

New Actors is casting for Frat. Brothers Surfing

April Film Slam is this Sunday the 19th
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By Douglas Lorah

Even with Gerald Godbout's proud mother in attendance at last year's Mother's Day Film Slam, the audience was pretty slim.  Having learned a lesson, the Film Slam has modified its schedule around Easter and Mother's Day this year.

The next two Slams will take place the third Sundays of April and May instead of the usual second.  That means the next one is Sunday, April 19th.  Same place and time, though.  Enzian Theater in Maitland at 1pm.

Here are the short films in this month's Slam.

#1 - First Time (2009)  / 11 Min 
Written/Produced by: Catherine Smith & Andrew Stoneham, Directed by: Catherine Smith
Winter Park, FL -

Description: Peyton is searching. Searching for herself. Searching for him. Searching for love.


#2 - The Human Bird Man (2009)  / 5 Min 55 Sec
Written by: Tim Sevigny & David A. Duncan, Directed by: Tim Sevigny, Produced by: Aaron West
Winter Park, FL -

Description: a short film that explores the personality of David A Duncan AKA The Human Bird Man, as he discusses his theories of how he once flew like a bird, and is now re-training to take flight again sometime in the near future.


#3 - Fear (2008)  / 3 Min 6 Sec  / *Music Video
Performed by: Angels of Nightfall
Storyline by: Andrea Turner & Joe Tengredi, Directed/Produced by: Michael Germaine
Melbourne, FL -

Description: In a dream, a woman puts to death her deep and darkest fears once and for all, and walks away a new person.


#4 - Interloping Interview with a Pseudo Super Heroine  (2009) / 9 Min 59 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Mark Biddle
Orlando, FL -

Description: A disenchanted heroine is surprisingly candid and forthcoming when questioned aggressively be a professional interloper.


#5 - Happy Birthday Jesus (2009) / 4 Min 23 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Stanley Pomianowski
Orlando, FL -

Description: A short film about what modern day Christmas would be like if Jesus were present.


#6 - Silence (2009) / 9 Min
Written/Directed by: Adam Arnali, Produced by: Adam Arnali & Artie Ahr
Lake Mary, FL -

Description: A native american named Johnny loses everything he owned in the California fires and decides to reconnect to his indiginous roots by seeking out the guidance of the sun in order to remember the right way to walk on this Earth.


#7 - I Hate Hip Hop (2009) / 18 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Nicholas Escander
Kissimmee, FL -

Description: A new age comedy for anyone who hates Hip Hop, loves Hip Hop, or never even heard of Hip Hop.


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