Film Slam is Sunday, June 14th at Enzian
(released 6/5/2009)

Here is the lineup of short films for Sunday, June 14th.  Same place, same time.  Enzian Theater in Maitland at 1pm.

#1 - Contains Magic (2008)  / 3 Min  
Written by: Graham Hughes, Dir by: Ryan McDonald, Prod by: Sebastian Amunategui & Heather Wilder

Winter Park, FL - 

Description: Tim comes home to discover that his new laptop has magic powers.

#2 - Letting Go (2009)  / 9 Min 20 Sec
Written/Produced by: Alycia Christodoulou, Directed by: Anica Cramer
Orlando, FL -

Description: Mikey is in shambles from his recent breakup with his girlfriend Jenna. Will he get her back or will he let her go?
#3 - Worth (2009)  3 Min 38 Sec 
Written by: Joe Allen, Produced/Directed by: James Donahoe
Winter Park, FL - 

Description: A man scraping the bottom the barrel for a living is given another chance, but not by the right people.  
#4 - The Darndest Things (2009) / 17 Min 25 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Kris Wood
Sarasota, FL -

Description: A father aims to keep his sanity while preserving his son's innocence.

#5 - My Constant (2009) / 4 Min 16 Sec / *Music Video
Performed by: Quantum Todd
Written by: Todd Darby & Marshall Vick, Directed by: Kenny Heidt, Produced by: Marshall Vick
Orlando, FL - 

Description: A School Principal finds himself stuck during the holidays.

#6Skate or Die: Living with SODS (2009) / 7 Min 28 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Night of the Nightwolf

Description: This mockumentary follows Ed "Slash" Hudson, a skateboarder who is living with SODS.
#7 - It Was Nice to Meet You (2009) / 14 Min 36 Sec
Written by: David Sigurani, Directed by: Cristopher Mertens, Produced by: Addison Bryan
Orlando, FL - 

Description: Sam meets a girl by chance in a video store and decides to pursue their obvious chemistry despite any possible obstacles.

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