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Twin Skeletons Creations is casting for It’s All Greek

Upcoming Talk Show is casting for The Eric Williams Show

Dusty Bibles Studio Productions is casting for God Hates Figs

Film Slam is Sunday, June 14th at Enzian
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By greenroomwire

Here is the lineup of short films for Sunday, June 14th.  Same place, same time.  Enzian Theater in Maitland at 1pm.

#1 - Contains Magic (2008)  / 3 Min  
Written by: Graham Hughes, Dir by: Ryan McDonald, Prod by: Sebastian Amunategui & Heather Wilder

Winter Park, FL - 

Description: Tim comes home to discover that his new laptop has magic powers.

#2 - Letting Go (2009)  / 9 Min 20 Sec
Written/Produced by: Alycia Christodoulou, Directed by: Anica Cramer
Orlando, FL -

Description: Mikey is in shambles from his recent breakup with his girlfriend Jenna. Will he get her back or will he let her go?
#3 - Worth (2009)  3 Min 38 Sec 
Written by: Joe Allen, Produced/Directed by: James Donahoe
Winter Park, FL - 

Description: A man scraping the bottom the barrel for a living is given another chance, but not by the right people.  
#4 - The Darndest Things (2009) / 17 Min 25 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Kris Wood
Sarasota, FL -

Description: A father aims to keep his sanity while preserving his son's innocence.

#5 - My Constant (2009) / 4 Min 16 Sec / *Music Video
Performed by: Quantum Todd
Written by: Todd Darby & Marshall Vick, Directed by: Kenny Heidt, Produced by: Marshall Vick
Orlando, FL - 

Description: A School Principal finds himself stuck during the holidays.

#6Skate or Die: Living with SODS (2009) / 7 Min 28 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Night of the Nightwolf

Description: This mockumentary follows Ed "Slash" Hudson, a skateboarder who is living with SODS.
#7 - It Was Nice to Meet You (2009) / 14 Min 36 Sec
Written by: David Sigurani, Directed by: Cristopher Mertens, Produced by: Addison Bryan
Orlando, FL - 

Description: Sam meets a girl by chance in a video store and decides to pursue their obvious chemistry despite any possible obstacles.


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