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Brick Creative is casting for Script Commercial

Odd!Life Studios is casting for The Success Sequence

Orlando Indepedent Filmmakers is casting for Kenji: 2065

Film Slam is Sunday October 11th at Enzian
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By Douglas Lorah

The next Film Slam is Sunday, October 11th at the Enzian Theater beginning at 1pm. Here are the 7 shorts in competition. Winner goes to the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in 2 months. There's only one more chance to get into the Film Slam competition for 2009 and a chance to screen at the Brouhaha. Get your short film to Host and Producer John Theisen as soon as possible for contention in November.

The Enzian is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland. For details, check out:


#1 - Bookworm (2009) / 3 Min 23 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Eric Burton
Gainesville, FL -

Description: My personal quest to either better myself or keep in business. I'm not sure which.


#2 - The Amber Project (2009) / 9 Min 44 Sec
Written by: Ronny Vega & George Martial, Directed by: Ronny Vega, Produced by: Ronny Vega & Shawn Letang
Oviedo, FL - /

Description: A soldier with a dark past clouded with suppressed memories. A sinister agenda of a new world order hidden in government conspiracy, The Amber Project.


#3 - Life in the Clouds (2009) / 6 Min 55 Sec
Written/Directed by: Ben Jacobson, Produced by: Erika Galeana
Winter Park, FL -

Description: A short documentary based on the world of renowned professional sky diver, base jumper and all around adrenaline junkie Junior Silvia.


#4 - One for Words (2009) / 2 Min 45 Sec
Written/Produced by: Bryan Patrick Moore, Directed by: Austin Boggs
Winter Springs, FL -

Description: A pair of long-time friends have something to say to each other, but just can't seem to get the words out.


#5 - Safe House: The Acquisition (2009) / 9 Min 57 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Mark Biddle
Orlando, FL - /

Description: Curtis Gale, a genetic researcher, sits on death row, convicted of the serial murders of 15 women. He is innocent of the crimes, or at least he used to be. His situation takes a turn for the surreal when he is visited in prison by a lawyer who claims she can get him out, if he agrees to the terms.


#6 - Life Forever (2009) / 4 Min / *Music Video

Performed by: Exit the Ride
Written/Directed/Produced by: Adam Arnali
Orlando, FL - /

Description: Live music video for the band, Exit the Ride, shot during FMF 2009.


#7 - Legends: A Friday the 13th Tale (2009) / 25 Min
Written/Directed by: Gerald J. Godbout III, Produced by: Gerald J Godbout III & Niel J. Guilarte
Orlando, FL - /

Description: Michael is a struggling writer trying to come up with the next horror villain. He sister invites him out to a weekend of fun and relaxation with their friends. But what starts out as fun trip turns deadly when Michael favorite horror villain shows up to terrorize them all.


Enzian Theater FilmSlam Program - 10/11/09 TRT: 61:44 Minutes



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