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Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Cinergetic TV is casting for Ben 10: Parallel Universe

Independent Film is casting for The Valedictorian

October Film Slam is 10 - 10 - 10
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By greenroomwire

The next edition of the Film Slam takes place Sunday, October 10 at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  Below is the list of films screening and a brief description of each.

If you are not familiar, each short film gets a vote of 1-5 from the audience and the film with the highest score wins.  The winner gets an additional screening in December during the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.  For more information, go to


#1 - Life of a Mini (2010) / 2 Min 54 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: David Popovich
Winter Park, FL -

Description: A guy wakes up to find he has shrink to a small size. Now he must find a way to get people's attention.


#2 - Beneath the Veil (2010) / 12 Min
Written/Directed by: Nicole Novaton, Produced by: Bruce Bradew, Nicole Novaton & Jeff Williams

Description: a short documentary about the cultural impact of Belly Dancing, the origins of the dance, it's struggle against oppression, and how it empowers women from all around the world.


#3 - Beachwatch (2010) / 8 Min
Written by: Michelle Bretana, Directed by: Shawn Lee, Produced by: TL Westgate

Description: What happens when the self-absorbed cast of a popular TV show from the 90s comes back together today.


#4 - Broken (2010) / 12 Min
Written/Produced by: Lynda Stein, Directed by: Toy Spears
Orlando, FL -

Description: A man discovers his high tech toys do not always provide complete happiness and experiences an unusual visit from a not so usual friend.

#5 - The End is Near (2010) / 5 Min 31 Sec  
Written/Produced by: Justin Skipper & Sean Kantrowitz, Directed by: Sean Kantrowitz

Description: Orlando artist S.K.I.P. gives viewers a look at the creation of his latest album, "Until the Very End" and explains the unique promotional campaign behind the record.


#6 - Thank You for Calling (2010) / 25 Min 
Written by: Andre Diaz, Directed by: Lamar Williams, Produced by: Andre Diaz & Kenny Williams

Description: Cameron's had enough of his soul-crushing customer service job at New Vision Cable. How Far will he go to change his life?


Enzian Theater FilmSlam Program - 10/10/10 TRT: 65:00 Minutes


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