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Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Cinergetic TV is casting for Ben 10: Parallel Universe

New Actors is casting for Frat. Brothers Surfing

Schedule Set For August 12th Film Slam
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By Douglas Lorah

The next Film Slam is Sunday, August 12th beginning at 1:00pm.  There are 6 films slated for screening and competition.  They are listed below.  The Slam takes place at the Enzian Theater which is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue.  Tickets are $5.00 each.

For more details including future short film submission, go to

Cross Reference (2011)
Written & Directed by: Brent Buffington; Produced by: Kelly Palmer, Meg Wechter, Lauren Stockner
Length: 12:55 - Orlando -

Description: Zach is a new employee at the local library. While working his first day, he uncovers a secret behind the after hours of the library.

You Have This Long (2012)
Written & Directed by: Brian Quain; Produced by: Darren Dean & Mark Cleary
Length: 4:00 - Orlando -

Description: A father is desperate to send his "newly recruited" daughter into her first day of school and uses her least favorite food as a stopwatch.

Mick the Brick (2012)
Written & Directed by: David Zuckerman; Produced by: TBD
Length: 17:00 - Orlando

Description: An immigrant Irish man is haunted by the shadows of his past while trying to battle his own self-worth in a new country through boxing.

Split (2012)
Directed & Produced by: Mitchell Steven Blankman; Written by: Mitchell Steven Blankman & Zac Swan
Length: 9:18 - Orlando

Description: Witness a young couple's relationship at the start of it, and at what could be the end of it in a unique and unusual way.

Choosing Fate (2012)
Directed & Produced by: Dale Metz & Ted Souppa; Written by: Ted Souppa
Length: 14:00 -

Description: Preston and Ellen Ford arrive home to find Preston's daughter Hannah with a mysterious device around her neck. When the device becomes fully active, Preston races against time to disarm a bomb intended to execute his entire family.

Pupaphobia (2012)
Written & Directed by: Matthew Carroll; Produced by: Cesar Rosario & Matthew Carroll
Length: 3:15 - Winter Park

Description: A curious young boy sneaks into a puppet theatre, only to find something he wasn't expecting; helping him develop a new type of childhood fear.


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