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Susan Sarricchio



New Actors is casting for Frat. Brothers Surfing

Terminal 52 Films is casting for Unity: A New Dawn Episode 5 and 6

Southeastern University is casting for A Bicycle Built for Two

Magic City open call August 25th and 26th, 2012
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By greenroomwire


Miami Productions is seeking paid extras for Season 2 of:


Saturday, August 25 and Sunday August 26, 2012
9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Fred Lippman Center @ Shuffleboard Auditorium
2030 Polk St.
Hollywood , FL 33022
**Free parking**

In addition to classic late 50’s/early 60’s looks, we’re looking for ALL TYPES of

talent, ages 18 and over, for background and “core” extras to work multiple days

per episode. We will be booking PAID fittings and workdays ON THE SPOT.

What to bring:
-Two forms of legal ID (Passport or drivers license and social security card)
-A recent photo with all your contact and wardrobe info written on the back
including height, weight, and sizes for costuming purposes. (Women: dress,
bust, waist, hips, shoe and hat size. Men: Waist, hips, jacket, neck, sleeve, collar,
pants and shoes.)
Additional information:
-Please cover any tattoos and remove any lip/facial/belly piercings before
-Feel free to dress the part. If you have a favorite hat, shirt or outfit that has a late
50’s/early 60’s vibe to it, wear it.
-Since the show is a period piece, you must be flexible in allowing us to cut your
hair if you are selected for work. We are looking for natural hair colors only.
Additional hair notes will be given at the open call.


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