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Polk Television is casting for Public Service Announcements (Storyline)

University of Central Florida is casting for Before the World Was Big

SFEZ Films is casting for Mister Miracle (DC Comics Fanfilm)

Next Film Slam is February 17th
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By Douglas Lorah

The next Film Slam is Sunday, February 17th.  Tickets are $5 and screening starts at 1pm.  The Film Slam short film competition takes place at the Enzian Theater.  Go to for more info.  Here are this month's competing films:

Writer/Director/Producer: Eric Coppa-Cross
Length: 8:48
Description: A story about espresso, love, and determination. Camilla is a waitress who is determined to make good espresso, and in her attempts she involves many interesting characters. Who will be next?

Darren Ockert: A Mini Documentary
Writer/Director: Hector M. Sanchez Jr.; Producer: Darren Ockert and Hector M. Sanchez Jr.
Length: 10:00
Description:  Singer, Songwriter, & Producer Darren Ockert shows us the struggles of making music, even the tolls of being an openly gay artist in the industry.

Hello Mommy
Writer/Director:  Nelson Rivera; Producer: Steven Astacio and Clark Harris
Length:  4:00
Description: A woman is dead before she knows it when she steps into the wrong alley to dump the body of her dead daughter that she murdered.

Some Assembly Required
Director: Alicia Haberman; Writer: Forrest Hughes; Producer: Sam Duzansky
Length:  6:44
Description: Two newly weds move into an apartment. The husband tries to build a coffee table with much difficulty while his wife observes him through his struggle.

"______" (Insert Superhero Name Here)
Director: Kevin Shah; Writer: Kevin Shah and Paul Decker; Producer: Kevin Shah and Donnie Jenkins
Length: 5:00
Description: A young man takes on the challenge of being a modern-day superhero. He monitors the air-waves to track down criminals. Who is the real superhero?

Director: Kyle Romanek; Producer: Dean McDermitt
Length:  9:42
Description: "Damaged" is a look inside Alex Spence's return to paintball after being diagnosed with Leukemia and sitting out a season from the Tampa Bay Damage.

Loose Ends
Producer/Director: Donald E. Reynolds; Writer: Ted Souppa
Length:  18:00
Description: Loose Ends is a dark comedy about a group of unconnected couples drawn together by court-ordered group therapy. As the couples reveal their problems, the mystery begins to deepen


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