Free Apopka Film Festival on Saturday, June 15th
(released 6/7/2024)

Film Lovers,

On Saturday, June 15th, a Free Apopka Film Festival will be taking place. The festival of films, running 1pm to 9pm, will be held at the Holiday Inn Express located at 238 S Line Drive.  The festival opens with an Amazon Gift card giveaway. More Amazon gift card giveaways are sprinkled throughout the schedule's day and night.   

Attendees will also be treated to free donuts and coffee. The festival line up is as follows:

1:00pm Opening with Gift Card Giveaway

1:03pm Parrot (UK Comedy 24 min)
1:27pm On/Off (South African Thriller 18 min)
1:45pm Innermost (Chinese Fantasy Animation 15 min)
2:00pm Saint-Sacrifice (Canadian Horror 15 min)
2:15pm Hangover Food: Vampire Influencer (UK Comedy 21 min)

2:36pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break

2:41pm CATHARSIS (French Horror 18 min)
2:59pm Reprise (German Drama 23 min)
3:22pm Stairs (US Thriller 5 min)
3:27pm Sincopat (Spanish Sci-Fi 14 min)
3:41pm Kafka's Doll (Portugese Animation 11 min)
3:52pm Salvar (Korean Horror 29 min)

4:21pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break

4:26pm A Capsule for Robin (US Sci-Fi 13 min)
4:39pm La Soglia (Italian Student Film 5 min)
4:44pm Edward Has A Tree Inside Him (Australian Drama 17 min)
5:01pm American Expendables (US Documentary 61 min)

6:02pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break

6:07pm Human / Animal (Portugese Horror 14 min)
6:21pm Les Bêtes (US Fantasy Animation 12 min)
6:33pm Turn Back South (Mexican Documentary Short 12 min)
6:45pm SKIN (US Experimental Film 7 min)
6:52pm The Pencil (Kazakhstani Fantasy 10 min)
7:02pm The Night Hunter (Portugese Horror 10 min)
7:12pm The Strangers' Case (Jordanian War Drama 1 hr 43 min)

8:55pm Last Gift Card Giveaway
9:00pm Festival Ends

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