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Central Florida Film Fest Lures Celebs to Ocoee
(released 7/19/2013)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

The 8th annual Central Florida Film Festival, which takes place over the Labor Day weekend of August 30 through September 1, will have a couple of Hollywood celebs participating.

Felissa Rose and Richard Speight Jr. will be in town for the festival.  All screenings take place at the West Orange Cinemas in Ocoee.

Also known as CENFLO, the festival will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the horror cult classic Sleepaway Camp, which will screen on Saturday, August 31 at 7:45pm followed by a Q&A by the film's star, Felissa Rose who will also pose for photos after the screening.  Felissa played young Angela in the film that has also brought four sequels over the years.

Earlier on Saturday at 1:00pm, Supernatural's Richard Speight Jr. will highlight a short series of films with his movie America 101.  Richard will also perform a Q&A with two other filmmakers during the program.

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