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Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase Weekend
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By Douglas Lorah

The Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase is running Saturday and Sunday, November 23rd and 24th.  It is an annual showcase of films that have been made in the state of Florida.

The screenings are broken down into 4 showcases.  Tickets are either $5 per showcase or $10 for the entire Showcase Pass.

All screenings are held at the Enzian Theater, 1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland.

Program #1 - Saturday 11:00am

KIDS - Written/Directed by Sean Osorio, Produced by Germaine Rigg, 4 min 54 sec, Winner – September FilmSlam

UNVEILED - Written/Directed by Courtney Harmstone, Produced by Barbara Soares, Florida State University, 8 min 44 sec

THE STORY - Written/Directed/Produced by Ashlee Guest, Daytona State College, 2 min 31sec

THE ESSENCE OF LIVING - Written/Directed/Co-produced by Alain Gr-Polanco, Co-produced by Christopher Lee Fatt, Dr. Phillips High School, 8 min 19 sec

GOLDTOOTH - Written/Directed by Lauren Brinkman, Co-produced by Adam Ruckersfeldt & Debra Wasser, Florida State University, 8 min 30 sec

THE PAST - Written/Directed/Produced by Sean Sida & Garrett Callahan, Full Sail University, 6 min

DEAD TO RIGHTS - Written/Directed/Produced by Daniel Neil, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 16 sec

BRAIN DIVIDED - Written/Directed/Produced by Josiah Haworth, Joon Soo Song & Joon Shik Song, Ringling College of Art & Design, 4 min 58 sec

DARREN OCKERT: A MINI DOCUMENTARY - Written/Directed/Co-produced by Hector M. Sanchez Jr., Co-produced by Darren Ockert, 10 min, Winner – February FilmSlam

KAMY - Written/Directed by Chelsie Holler, Produced by Ken McDonough, University of Central Florida, 2 min 25 sec

METH: DAY 1 - Written/Directed by Dan Ballester, Produced by James Noir, University of Central Florida, 8 min 19 sec

MIAMI’S PIT FALL - Written/Directed by Andrea Seamans, Produced by Yesenia Rodriguez, Miami Dade College, 22 min 58 sec

Program #2 - Saturday 1:15pm

PEDRO PAN - Written/Directed by Andrea Puente, Produced by Sean Tien, Florida State University, 15 min 11 sec

CATS. - Written/Directed by Kelly Gomez, Produced by Valair Valentin, Dr. Phillips High School, 6 min 13 sec

CHRONICLES OF NOTHING - Produced/Directed/Co-written by Ramy Cadwell, Co-written by Claire Thorne, Daytona State College,    3 min 55 sec

THE FEAR OF BEING UNINTERESTING - Written/Directed/Produced by McKenzi Vanderberg, Rollins College, 3 min 30 sec

TYSIS - Written/Directed by Chris Beemer, Produced by Chelsie Holler, University of Central Florida, 10 min 17 sec, Winner – May FilmSlam

CHICKEN OR THE EGG - Written/Produced/Directed by Elaine Wu & Christine Kim, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 21 sec

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - Written/Directed/Produced by Ashley Graham, Kate Reynolds & Lindsey St. Pierre, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 4 sec

FINAL STRAW - Written/Directed/Produced by Riccardo Renna, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 14 sec

ON THE EDGE - Written/Produced/Co-directed by Michelle Brown, Co-directed by Dale Metz, 10 min, Winner – December FilmSlam

POLETIC JUSTICE - Written/Directed by Melissa Sporn, Produced by Katie Payne, Florida State University, 6 min 57 sec

ETCH - Written/Directed/Produced by Rafael Reyes, University of West Florida, 6 min 6 sec

TECHSQUAD - Produced/ Directed/Co-written by TL Westgate, Co-written by Michelle Bretana, 8 min 46 sec, Winner – October FilmSlam

WHERE IS ALICE? - Written/Directed by Zachary Beckler, Produced by Allison Rockefeller & Farah Abdou, University of Central Florida, 10 min

Program #3 - Sunday 11:00am

AISHITERU - Written/Directed by Mikhail Howell, Produced by Steven Holland, University of Central Florida, 13 min 13 sec, Winner – June FilmSlam

SMALL WORLDS - Written/Directed/Produced by Steven Sobel, Daytona State College, 2 min 43 sec

JOSÉ - Written/Directed by Joel Black, Produced by Luxi Jin, Florida State University, 6 min 39 sec

BYE HYUNGJIK - Written/Directed by Hyungjik Lee, Produced by Peter Davis, Florida State University, 7 min 17 sec

THE FLY - Written/Directed by Jarelis Cabrera, Trinity Preparatory School, 2 min 29 sec

JEFF FERN ON HIKING - Written by Austin Stephan, Directed by Brittany Raspo, Seminole High School, 7 min 11 sec

PECK POCKETED - Written/Directed/Produced by Kevin Herron, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 16 sec

RUNAWAY - Written/Directed/Produced by Susan Yung, Emily Buchanan & Esther Parobek, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 37 sec

SERIAL TAXI - Written/Directed/Produced by Paolo Cogliati, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 15 sec

SEPARATE - Written/Directed/Produced by Ben Whitson & Sina Eslami, Flagler College, 5 min 43 sec

BITTERSWEET - Written by Heather Brumley, Directed by Grant Martin, Produced by Anthony Lietz, Full Sail University, 13 min 28 sec, Winner – July FilmSlam

WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND - Written/Directed by Dana Fytelson, Produced by Kyara Lombre, Florida State University, 6 min 3 sec

A HERO’S HERO - Written/Directed by Logan Czyzewski, Dr. Phillips High School, 5 min 11 sec

LITTLE AFRICA - Written/Directed by Curtis Adair, Produced by Justin Oney, Florida State University, 15 min 13 sec

Program #4 - Sunday 1:15pm

CHLOE - Written/Directed by John Wikstrom, Produced by Lexa Payne, Florida State University, 7 min, 30 sec

THE RACE - Written/Directed/Produced by Nia Alavezos, University of Central Florida, 1 min

PLEASE FORGIVE ME - Written/Directed/Produced by Jennifer Woods, Daytona State College, 2 min 38 sec

RUNAWAY RENN - Written/Directed by Zachary Johnson, Produced by Katie Mackley, Florida State University, 12 min 52 sec

VALIDATION THEORY - Written/Directed by Ermir Bakraci, Produced by Jared Ross King, University of Central Florida, 6 min 54 sec, Winner – August FilmSlam

WHO IS MICHAEL? - Written/Directed by Taylor Knaub, Produced by Rollins College Department of Critical Media and Cultural Studies, 15 min

SONG OF THE KNIGHT - Written/Directed/Produced by Steven Ray, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 4 sec

SPY FOX - Written/Directed/Produced by Kendra Phillips, Yoav Shtibelman & Taylor Clutter, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4 min 31 sec

MOONBOUNCE - Written/Directed by Michael Kefeyalew, Produced by Max Allman, Florida State University, 6 min 47 sec

THERAPEUTIC - Written/Directed by Matt Crews, Produced by Steven Holland, University of Central Florida, 4 min

CLIFF - Written/Directed by Drew Angle, Produced by Tatiana Bears, Florida State University, 7 min 22 sec

INSIGHT TO STRENGTHS - Written/Directed/Produced by Jen Ackerman, 8 min 39 sec, Winner – January FilmSlam

LEND A HAND - Written/Directed/Co-produced by Tyler Falbo, Co-produced by Chelsea Kenny, University of Central Florida, 6 min 54 sec


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