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Short Films Compete This Sunday at Enzian
(released 2/6/2014)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

The next Film Slam takes place Sunday, February 9th at 1:00pm at the Enzian Theater.  Below you will find the list of short films and a little about each film.

Last month's winning votegetter was Moving On by Kris Truini.

To find out more about the monthly short film competition, go to

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.

The Pins and Needles of Existence (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer Jason Smolowitz
Running Time 5:50
Synopsis: A young man, reaching the lowest point in his life, faces his past, present and future in order to acknowledge and defeat his mental illness.

Psychosis (2013)
Director Jolene Perez/Rodney Luis Aquino; Producer Jolene Perez; Writer Cecilia Gazzara
Running Time 7 minutes
Synopsis: When Eddie's wife is murdered, he tells the one person he is able to trust that he knows who killed his wife, but does he ?

This is My Life (2014)
Director Carrie Miller; Producer Nicholas Joiner; Writer Christopher Fratt
Running Time 4:59
Synopsis: A young man is playing video games until he realizes that the cold temperatures in his house are affecting his game play. He goes through common struggles that one faces when building a fire.

Director Jacob Sadowsky; Producer Christy Box; Writer Matt Reilly
Running Time 5:42
Synopsis: A newly hired reporter becomes trapped in the perils of a government secret after discovering a tape from the flight data recorder of a crashed airplane.

Out and About (2014)
Director/Writer: Fez Shah; Producer Tom Feeney
Running Time 11:06; Website:
Synopsis:  As a young gay man living a lie, Fez considers coming out to his friends. However, an unwarranted overconfidence in his ability to deceive leads to a less than momentous coming-out

Another Day (2013)
Director/Writer Eric Thompson; Producer Christian Ziccardi
Running Time 7:48; Website
Synopsis:  A once timid man becomes empowered upon receiving life altering news from his doctor.

My Verse (2013)
Director/Writer Wilson Santos; Producer Infinity Features
Running Time 6:03; Website:
Synopsis:  My Verse is a short experimental documentary that fuses spoken-word with found footage, to create a compelling story of human tragedy and hope for a better future.

Pulled Over (2013)
Director/Producer/Writer Carl Truesdell
Running Time 5:3; Website
Synopsis: Join an innocent woman who is driving only three miles per hour over the speed limit… in the wrong jurisdiction! How will she defend herself against an abusive cop and his superiors? Will cunning prevail over brute strength?


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