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PGTV -Polk Television is casting for PSA - Public Service Announcement

Terminal 52 Films is casting for Unity: A New Dawn Episode Three and Four Casting Call

Independent Film is casting for The Valedictorian

June Film Slam is Sunday the 29th
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By Douglas Lorah

The June Film Slam takes place on Sunday the 29th.  Usually taking place on the second Sunday of the month, this Slam was pushed a couple weeks.  Producer Tim Anderson keeps it going at 1pm at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  Tickets to the screening are $5.00 which gets you admission and a ballot to rate the films.  Speaking of films, here are the shorts in competition.  Floridians, don't forget that you can get your short film or music video entered for free.  Get the details at

Ya te olvide (2014)
Director: Kris A. Truini; Writer: Starlin Cuevas, Kris Truini; Producer: Starlin Cuevas
Running Time 4:16; Website:
Synopsis: This love story set to the rhythm of 'baciata' narrates the demise of a relationship only for a new found love to take its place. It goes to show that our individual lives are a book to be read one chapter at a time.

"TRuSTYWoRTHY" (2014)
Director Dale Metz, Ted Souppa; Writer Ted Souppa; Producer Dale Metz Ted Souppa
Running Time: 12:40; Website:
Synopsis: After escaping a doomed space station, a civilian and a military psych-analyst must evade colonization drones on an Earth like planet as they begin to question the reality of the situation.

Golem (2013)
Writer/Director Woodruff Laputka; Producer Woodruff Laputka & Tehben Dean
Running Time: 7:08; Website:
Synopsis: A man seeks to discover his connection with nature while hunted by the onslaught of the machine.

ASL (2014)
Writer/Director: Marissa Vonn; Producer: Chuck Kerr
Running Time: 6:18; Website:
Synopsis: This film is the story of a young boy struggling to overcome the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing communities on his first day at a new school.

Lollipop (2014)
Producer/Writer/Director: Henry Samuel Held
Running Time: 9:00
Synopsis: "Lollipop" is a trip to the doctors gone horribly wrong, when Michael is captured and strapped to the operating chair of Dr. Jack Gruet. Will Michael be able to escape Gruet's clutches, or is this the end?

BEARS (2014)
Producer/Writer/Director: Dan Costales
Running Time: 6:44
Synopsis: Amidst a harsh winter, a father must venture into the forest to search for his lost daughter and ultimately encounter the things that have taken her.

Case 0912 (2013)
Writer/Director: Neil Watson; Producer: Neil Watson, Rebecca Lee
Running Time:14.07
Synopsis: Jacquelyn Parks is haunted by murders of people she knows. Until one night she witnesses first hand who the killer is. Now it's up to detective Watson to help her before it's too late.


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