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Shea Helping Share What Pat and Billy Are Drinking
(released 7/5/2014)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

Originally conceived as a blog, Pat Martin and Billy Tracey would mix together a cocktail and upload the creation to their website.  They spun that into a live act for conventions like Comic Con.  The connection between the drinking blog and the comic book conventions becomes clear when you find out that Pat Martin is co-creator of the comic book series Students of the Unusual.

Now, they have a web series called What Are Pat and Billy Drinking? that invites guests to sample their concoctions and have a quick chat.

Running with a small 3-5 person crew, Steven Shea (Abyssmal Entertainment) has shot as many as 17 episodes in one day.  It will be interesting to see what his team does now.  They are in Miami over the Fourth of July weekend again shooting at SuperCon 2014.  In addition to shooting at conventions, Pat and Billy have shot at the show's Garage-Bar studio in Hobe Sound.

Shea is handling the shooting, directing, producing, and editing all the episodes.  They produced 33 for their first season releasing one episode per week.

You can catch the show on their YouTube Channel at  Here is episode one of What Are Pat and Billy Drinking? with guest Jimbo Tucker.


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