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Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Southeastern University is casting for A Bicycle Built for Two

New Actors is casting for Frat. Brothers Surfing

January Film Slam is Sunday 11th at the Enzian
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By Douglas Lorah

The Film Slam continues on Sunday, January 11th at 1pm with producer and host Tim Anderson and the Enzian Theater crew.  Join them and your fellow filmmakers for six short films.  Tickets are only $5.  Vote for your favorite films and send the best selection to the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in November.  The Enzian is located at 1300 S. Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  For more info on the Film Slam, go to  Below are the six short films in this Sunday's screening and competition.

ENVOI (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Jeremiah Gonda/Adrian Traurig
Running Time: 3 minutes; Website:
Synopsis: After witnessing the execution of his fellow band members, a famous musician is forced into hiding from a tyrannical government, but appears for one final performance.

Under These Covers (2014)
Director/Writer: W.D. Conine; Producer: Dylan Totila/Nick Chambers
Running Time: 6:25
Synopsis: A little girl in a bad home must overcome her fears and, with the help of her imaginary friend, get out from under the covers.

Until Tomorrow (2014)
Director: Dale Metz; Writer: Michelle Brown; Producer: Michelle Brown/Dale Metz
Running Time: 17:36; Website:
Synopsis: A man made virus mutates and kills most of the world's population. The survivors are gathered and tested at government processing centers for infection. When one boy tests positive, how far will a family go to protect their child?

Lucid (2014)
Director: Mitchell Poljak; Writer: Zach Gavin/Mitchell Poljak; Producer: Zach Gavin/Mitchell Poljak
Running Time: 5:22
Synopsis: A criminal has become so skilled at lucid dreaming, that he can practice a robbery while sleeping. If anything goes wrong he can wake up and try again. However, when he feels the pain of failure in real life, his perception of life changes forever.

WPRK (2014)
Director/Writer: John Berggren/Rich Higgins/Drew Henner; Producer: John Berggren
Running Time: 17:00
Synopsis: WPRK is a documentary about the Rollins College Radio Station, WPRK 91.5 FM including the station's history, student and staff experiences, and covers the station's Guinness World Record attempt of 'longest on-air broadcast by a single DJ'.

Not Quite 24 (2014)
Director: Trent Duncan; Writer/Producer: Cheyenne Hess/Trent Duncan
Running Time: 7:30
Synopsis: Agent Jen Jackson of the Mafia Intelligence Litigation Force (MILF), teams up with Back Jauer to seek out an internal rat before he can sell the list of police Criminal Informants to the Mafia.


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