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The Interview won February Film Slam
(released 2/24/2015)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

The February Film Slam took place on Sunday the 8th.  The top vote getter was The Interview by Carl Truesdell and Dale Frohman.  Rounding out 2nd and 3rd place were Legend of the Rabbit and A Reflection, respectively.  Below is a list of all the films that screened that day at the Enzian.  Check out their website for information on having your short film or music video screened at a future Film Slam.  The next one is March 15th.

Film Slam:


Legend of the Rabbit (2014)
Director Kaiulani Bush; Producer Caitlin Bockmier
Running Time 11:00; Website:
Synopsis: Len is 13, living near Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is facing his last year in school after 6 years of help with education from CBAVC.

The Dealers: My Mind (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Trent Duncan
Running Time: 2:48
Synopsis: The Dealer's showcase their hit single "My Mind" with a fun and sexy music video that revolves around not being able to get that special woman out of your mind.

I Will Lie Awake (2014)
Director/Writer/Producer: Andrew Kelly
Running Time: 7:06
Synopsis: Nick Member is about to die. A fractured narrative of an attempted suicide, a surreal party and a lake house in an orange grove. How can you stay safe when you are your biggest threat?

Winter (2015)
Director/Writer/Producer: Kris A. Truini
Running Time: 1:00; Website
Synopsis: No matter how bad things get its important to keep in mind that brighter days will come.

The Interview (2014)
Director Dale Frohman; Writer/Producer: Carl Truesdell & Dale Frohman
Running Time 6:15; Website
Synopsis: Fear and fantasy collide in one man’s quest to find the perfect job. Will he overcome his internal terror and muster enough bravery to defeat the "enemy"?

Infinity (2014)
Director/Writer: Vincent LaVigna; Producer David LaVigna & Lizzie Solms
Running Time 5.00
Synopsis: A young man wakes up to realize he is stuck in a never ending loop and must figure out a way to overcome the situation.

Property (2015)
Director/Writer/Producer Jared Brouillard
Running Time: 5:00; Website:
Synopsis: Tom talks his old friend Dan into being his "housemate". Dan notices that the house isn't all that great, but Tom is obsessed with it.

A Reflection (2014)
Director/Producer: Danny Bruno; Writer Danny Bruno & Robert Bruno
Running Time 10:00; Website
Synopsis: A short film about fatherhood, life, death, and how time plays a crucial role in everything perceived. We experience various moments in a young man's life as he reflects on his past experiences.


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