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Southeastern University is casting for Pretty Boy

Southeastern University is casting for Pretty Boy

Polk State College is casting for Polk State Filmmaking Club

Kissimmee Film Festival 2000
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By greenroomwire

The festival got a promising start with Friday's feature from  The youthful production company has created The Bags, which won the award for Best Feature Film, as well as Best Actress in a Feature and Best Director for a Feature.  Best Director for a Short was presented to Canadian Leslie Ann Coles for In The Refrigerator.  Leslie Ann also received Best Actress in a Short honors.  Best Screenplay was awarded to Love and Zen writer Lloyd Corricelli.  Kevin O'Neill took home the Best Actor in a Short for The Last Game.  The Best Short Film award went to Film Club... a Fight Club spoof.  Best Actor in a Feature went to Jeffrey Wolinski.

The three day event brought enough promise to mandate furthering next year's festival.  August 15-25, 2001 will bring 10 days of films and parties.  The talent was out and about the festival this year.  From the rural estates of Kissimmee, from the cities of Miami, Sanford, Tallahassee, Chicago, New Orleans, and Orlando, the group had one common vision: Film in Florida.


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