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Film Florida Elects Board of Directors
(released 7/16/2015)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kimberly Burke

Film Florida has re-elected President Michelle Hillery. Hillery is the Deputy Film Commissioner for the Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission (FTC). In a release announcing the Board of Directors for 2015-2016, the following was also mentioned.

The existing Executive Board was also re-elected to all positions, which include:

1st Vice President - Judson C. French, Jr., Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts (Education Council)
2nd Vice President - Kelly Paige, Level Talent Group (Industry Council)
Secretary - Herta Suarez, SAG-AFTRA (Labor Council)
Treasurer - John Lux, IDEAS (Industry Council)
At Large - Sheena Fowler, Women in Film and Television - Florida (Associations Council)
Immediate Past President - Leah Sokolowsky, Teamsters Local 769 (Labor Council)

The complete list of elected Board of Directors include:

Film Commission Council: Gail Morgan, Emerald Coast Film Commission - Chair; Jeanne Corcoran, Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office - Vice Chair; Bonnie King, Space Coast Film Commission - Secretary; and Alternates: Dale Gordon, Tampa Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission; Debbie Meihls, Bradenton Area Film Commission; and Graham Winick, City of Miami Beach.

Associations Council: Alex Katsaros, Digital Media Alliance Florida - Chair and Richard Seres, AICP Florida - Vice Chair.

Education Council: David Jaffe, Lynn University - Chair; Paul Sirmons, Valencia College - Vice Chair; and Stephen McDowell, Florida State University College of Communication & Information - Secretary.

Industry Council: Dawson Peden, Cineverse Miami - Chair; and Lauren O'Quinn, ClassAct Studios - Vice-Chair.

Labor Council: Herta Suarez, SAG-AFTRA; and Leah Sokolowsky, representing Teamsters Local 769 will continue to represent on the Film Florida Executive Board as Secretary and Immediate Past President respectively.

The Legislative Committee selected new Co-Chairs Paul Sirmons and Todd Roobin to lead the industry's continued efforts for state support via a film, television and digital media investment program, working closely with Sen. Nancy Detert and Rep. Mike Miller on legislation. Todd Roobin is the Film Commissioner of the Jacksonville Film & Entertainment Office and former President of Film Florida (2001-2005) and Paul Sirmons is the state's Former Film Commissioner with the Florida Office of Film & Entertainment (2005-2008) and in his current roll a Florida filmmaker who is currently serving as the Head of the Film Production Department at Valencia College (in memory of the late Film Florida Legend Ralph Clemente). Film Florida is challenging the existing Strategic Futures Committee to explore other avenues and create a roadmap of growth and opportunity for the state's entertainment production industry moving

To become involved with Film Florida go to:


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