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Roseanne Barr Can Heal
(released 4/1/2005)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kim Burke

With roots in stand-up comedy, film and television actress Roseanne Barr is on the road speaking for her base, the working class. Performing in Bilioxi, Mississippi tonight she heads to Orlando for a Sunday, April 3rd show at Hard Rock Live. Her tour is facetiously called the "Let the Healing Begin" Tour.

Her website shares the performers drive right now. In the media center of her site, she gets spiritual with fellow comic Louie Anderson who asks, "So now do you think you just don't care?"

"No, now i feel like I have something to say that they have to hear. I feel like if I dont say it, nobody will."

In a recent article published in, writer Siran Babayan asked, "The name of your tour is 'Let the Healing Begin,' but surely there's still a punching bag for you to swing at."

"Well, I talk about being a grandma. Getting older, the Baby-Boomer thing, which is just a code word for old. I talk about how we're the only generation that has not left the world in better shape for its own kids. I'm also talking about healing from the election; eight years of George Bush and the fact that he's never really been an elected President. I think everything is so absurdly ridiculous that it's just a good time to laugh it all to scorn, 'cause it's just a huge accident waiting to happen, and I think we better just start laughing at it right now and stop taking it so seriously, 'cause since we take it too seriously, we feel like we can't change it."

Roseanne Barr is currently finishing production on a childrens DVD Down on the Doughnut Farm.

Rosanne will be performing at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios City Walk this Sunday April 3, 2005. Click here to buy tickets online. Call the box office direct at 407.351.LIVE.


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