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Southeastern University is casting for A Bicycle Built for Two

Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Cinergetic TV is casting for Ben 10: Parallel Universe

UPDATED: Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
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By Douglas Lorah

UPDATED 10/6/2016): Due to Hurricane Matthew affecting the State of Florida, the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival has been postponed and will now run Thursday, October 20 through Saturday, October 22. The originally scheduled dates were October 6-8, 2016.

Now in its 18th year, the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival has announced its lineup of films.  This year, the festival is running October 20-22 at the Premiere Theaters' Oaks Stadium 10 in Melbourne, Florida.

For more details on the festival, go to:

Here are the films that will be shown.


"Attack of the Killer Donuts" directed by Scott Wheeler
"Caged No More" directed by Lisa Arnold
"Paying Mr. McGetty" directed by Michael Baumgarten
"The Fits" directed by Anna Rose Holmer

Special Engagements

"In Between Days" directed by the Herbert Brothers- A Special Sneak Peek of a Work in Progress
"Monty and the Runaway Furnace" directed by Joe Taranto
with "King of the Ring" directed by Joe Taranto and "Fetch" directed by Joe Taranto
"Real Food Real Kitchens" produced by Craig Chapman
Loose Ends Filmmaking Competition – "Victimless"

Short Films

"2" directed by Joey Harrison
"A Blind Man" directed by Joel Black
"A Nice Day" directed by Jeffery Rose
"A Shadow of Dara" directed by Kirill Proskura
"All Men Are Flowers" directed by Shirley Kim-Ryu
IBDposter"Bagels in the Blood" directed by Jonathan Keijser and Daniel Beresh
"Blood Initiate" directed by Sheri Taylor
"Built to Serve" directed by Dylan Chase
"Copycat from Bellarat" directed by Stig Wemyss
"Day at the Beach" directed by Christina and Jolie L’Heureux
"Emma Inspired" directed by Nicole Machon
"Fortune" directed by Darren Houle
"Good and Evil" directed by Cara Albert
"Gynecologist:The Musical" directed by David McMahon
"Heart of the Matter" directed by John O’Hara
"Hedge Hero" directed by Lauren Hammond
"I’m Crazy" directed by Jo Ann Johnson
"Life & Hummus" directed by Alex Matros
"Lord of Catan" directed by Stuart C. Paul
"Luand Nache" directed by Payal Rai
"Manifest Destiny" directed by TL Westgate
"Never More" directed by Sue Dontell
"Not Today" directed by Bill Ronat
"On Your Street" directed by Michelle Brown
"Prayers" directed by Edda Manriquez
"Reversed" directed by Alexandrina Andre
fits_onesheet_final2.indd"Ripe for the Picking" directed by Sarah Murray
"Shibari The Devourer" directed by Augusto Barranco
"Shiva’s Redemption" directed by Ashok Patel
"Sick" directed by Virginia Anzengruber
"Spot On" directed by David Karner
"Stunning" directed by Donnie Travenzo
"The Dead Under My Bed" directed by Robert Massetti
"The Devil’s Waltz" directed by Steven Shea
"The Final Kick" directed by Tom Loomis
"The Funspot" directed by Jake Hammond
"The Golden Rule" directed by Felix Crumsby
"The Wrong Lane" directed by Roy Lewis Garton and Mary Myers-Garton
"The Shardai Cousineau Story" directed by Paulette King
"Undertaking" directed by Kevin O’Neill
"White Odourless Bitter" directed by Lucas Haynes
"You Won’t Believe" directed by Arielle Cole


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