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Blindogg Productions, LLC is casting for Unfinished Business: Kilroy Was Here

Terminal 52 Films is casting for Unity: A New Dawn Episode 5 and 6

Southeastern University is casting for Vent

G-Star Studios has Episodic Project in House
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By Kimberly Burke

G-Star Studios is in the TV game with a new episodic project housing production offices currently on the G-Star studio backlot.

In Sanity, FL. The town of Sanity is in Florida where the "town is small, but the crazy isn't." The project is See-Worthy Films producers and writers Marc Zatorsky and Shawnee Morell's work. The production's fictional town is set in present day and will shoot in sets available in the Yesteryear Village to give the series a throwback 1930 aesthetic. Unannounced named talent have been cast for production, along with G-star students Sydney Presendieu, Madison Lillard and Walker Clermont.  G-star students will also be participating as camera, sound, lighting, background actors and department functions that prepare and educate for future work.

G-Star School is a Palm Beach County public school founded by Greg Hauptner. Students from across the county and have graduated to higher education, entrepreneurialship, and leadership in their chosen fields. G-Star is the largest production facility currently south of Orlando, Florida. To find out more about the school and the productions they are facilitating, go to :


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