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Southeastern University is casting for Pretty Boy

Destined For Greatness Production is casting for Black History Film

Bad Commentary Media is casting for Anonymous Z

Miami Film Festival Highlighting Women Filmmakers
(released 12/13/2016)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kimberly Burke

The Miami Dade College Miami Film Festival 2017 lineup boasts a selection of women directors with international, North American, U.S., and Florida premieres. The 15 films selected range from romantic comedy to documentary. Filmmakers tell stories that involve karma, basketball, burkhas, exotic dancers, childhood, adulthood, politics, and show business, with two focused on the matter of Cuba.

The Miami Film Festival runs March 3-12, 2017. This year will mark the 34th year of programming. Google will return as a partner of the festival leading the discussion on gender and race in the film  + tech industry. Why is the gap in cinematic technical positions apparent? Participate in the process over 2 days on March 4-5, 2017. The MDC Live Arts Lab will be on the Wolfson Campus, Building 1 in  Downtown Miami.

"Now, more than ever, we need a plurality of stories on-screen. The second edition of The Google Seminar Series on Gender and Racial Gaps In Film and Tech will feature informative talks from invigorating voices working behind and in-front of the camera. Each speaker will address issues and tactics for change in their respective fields, with the aim of preparing those in attendance to make their own moves to become the future decision makers of the film industry."  – Kiva Reardon, Festival Programmer

To see a break down of women filmmakers featured at this year's festival, go to


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