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Ambrose Films is casting for Sharlina's Blues

Southeastern University is casting for "Technically Amish" Student Short Film

Lake Square Mall-Leesburg Florida is casting for Fright Night and Scooby Boo At Lake Square Mall

PULSE: A Film Slam for the Community June 11
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The June Film Slam will be held June 11, 2017, Sunday afternoon, at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida. This month will pay tribute acknowledging the community spirit that came out of the June 12, 2016 mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The mass murder took 49 of this city's people in an evening of social destruction. The community has begun the healing process and the collective contributions are many. A few of those collaborations can be seen in this month's programmed films. 

The Film Slam producer Jen Vargas published the following information about the scheduled screenings:
 WARNING: All FilmSlam screenings are unrated programs however, a few films in this month's line-up are for mature audiences. If you have any specific questions, please email Jen (

Here's your June #OrlandoUnited line-up:

One Pulse feat Julian Velez (2016)
Writer: Richard Ramos; Director/Producer: Julian Velez
Running Time: 3:41
Synopsis: Written, recorded, planned, and filmed in under 48 hours after the Pulse Orlando shooting. This was filmed a few blocks from where the actual shooting took place. This song is dedicated to all the victims and their families. We all stand as one. One Pulse.

One Heart for Women and Children (2016)
Writer/Director: Blake Bickerstaff; Producer: Ashley Ping
Running Time: 2:01
Synopsis: One Heart for Women and Children served the homeless in Parramore on 6/25/2016. Luis Javier Ruiz, a survivor of Pulse Nightclub, pitched in & spread love.

Blood for Blood (2017)
Writer/Director: Jared Bolhuis; Producer: David Apodaca
Running Time: 7:50
Synopsis: One act of hate, Orlando reacts with love, shedding blood for the victims whose blood was shed. With Pride, Stigma Tattoo Bar raises money after the Pulse shooting.

Pulse Mural, Orlando, You Matter (2016)
Producer: Karen Stephenson
Running Time: 2:08
Synopsis: After the Pulse tragedy, Patty Sheehan and members of the YouMatter Campaign reached out to Andrew Spear of Spearlife75 to do a tribute mural on the corner of Mills 50 District.

Calls (2017)
Writers: Mark Christmas, Cameron Settles; Director/Producer: Mark Christmas
Running Time: 6:56
Synopsis: After receiving life-changing news, a man must make decisions that will impact his life--and the lives of others.

Hookup (2017)
Writer/Director: Stan Madray; Producers: Stan Madray, Christian Stella
Running Time: 10:00
Synopsis: Everything you want is right there in the palm of your hand. Simple, quick, easy. He’s just a text away.

Gone From Daylight (2017)
Writer/Director: Alex Bright; Producers Jade Gregory, Brett O. Clark
Running Time: 9:54
Synopsis: An abused teen is shown the world from a different perspective by a mysterious stranger.

Finger on the Pulse (2016)
Writer/Director/Producer: Thomas Thorspecken
Running Time: 3:17
Synopsis: This film incorporates sketches done by Thomas Thorspecken in the days following the Pulse Nightclub attack, which document Orlando's attempts to heal.

Love Wins (2016)
Producer: Diana Mitchell
Running Time: 5:30
Synopsis: Local 501c3 non-profit, Pulse of Orlando, created this video to thank all of those around the world who have shown love and support to Orlando after the tragedy at Pulse. Music/Lyrics: "Angels (A Song to Orlando)" by Evin.

Call the Enzian Box office for more information at 407-629-1088


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