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Terminal 52 Films is casting for Unity: A New Dawn Episode 2

Ambrose Films is casting for Sharlina's Blues

Brick Creative is casting for Script Commercial

Enzian Film Slam is this Sunday 13th
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By Douglas Lorah

The next Film Slam is this Sunday, August 13.  Here's a quick rundown if you haven't heard of it.  The Film Slam is an indie short film showcase and competition where the winner is chosen by audience voting.  It is open to Florida filmmakers.

The screening begins at 1:00pm and is followed by a short Q&A session with some of the filmmakers.  The event usually lasts a little over an hour.  Each month's winner is advanced into the Enzian Theater's Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in November.  For details on submitting your short film or locating the Enzian, go to

Here are this month's films:

Gary Lazer Eyes - Galapagos (2017)
Writer/Director/Producer: Steve Radley
Running Time: 3:51
Synopsis: While sailing the Galapagos Islands a man finds himself lost in a dream.

Fool's Paradise (2017)
Writer/Director: Kristina League; Producer: Andres Erickson
Running Time: 3:00
Synopsis: Jane tries to remember when it all went wrong with her once-loving partner John, who slowly becomes her worst nightmare.

Thoth - Trapperkeeper/PSOX (2017)
Writer/Director: Zach Anderson, Producer: Nat Fennell
Running Time: 5:30
Synopsis: A two-song "pure cinema" narrative constructed from experimental-rock band Thoth's 2017 release "Punks of the Kingdom."

Burglarious (2017)
Writer/Director/Producer: Jalen Flores
Running Time: 6:00
Synopsis: A burglar wakes up in a bathtub. Before getting the chance to leave, someone comes home.

Age & Popularity (2017)
Writer/Director: Ricardo Williams; Producers: Morgan Walker, Ricardo Williams
Running Time: 14:15
Synopsis: The film, "Age & Popularity", is a short story of how people are really distracted and an exploration in idolization.

The Call (2017)
Writer/Director: Joshua Ortiz; Producer: Valeri Wallace
Running Time: 8:27
Synopsis: One 911 phone call saves two lives.

Cancelled (2017)
Writers: Nico Danilovich, Sam Pinnelas; Director: Sam Pinnelas; Producer: Kirsten Kuhar
Running Time: 16:07
Synopsis: After sitcom character Vijay Sharma is abandoned by his TV friends, he attempts to fit in with a cool new group of sitcom friends.

Game of Minions (2017)
Writers: Will Phillips, Brendan Jackson Rogers; Director: Brendan Jackson Rogers; Producers: Aléa Figueroa, Brendan Jackson Rogers, Will Phillips
Running Time: 2:27
Synopsis: The wars of Westeros get a bit dumber with an influx of lovably irritating minions.


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