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Have Horribly UNcomfortable Brunch This Sunday
(released 9/28/2017)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kimberly Burke

UNcomfortable Brunch will make horror horribly uncomfortable. The monthly film brunch series aims for one thing. To get poeple in a space to watch an academically important yet ridiculously uncomfortable art film that every film lover should watch, but may not want to watch. Combine that awkwardness with you paying to be mind-bended and a yummy mix of food and drink? Well that is just Sunday funday for film goers.

This Sunday, October 1, 2017, the film on screen will be EYES OF MY MOTHER. The Uncomfortable Brunch is held at Will's Pub because it doesn't get more uncomfortable than smelling bar mats in the morning while eating Southern Scrambled eggs. Seriously, the menu is thoughtfully planned and part of what makes this series worth getting out of your pajamas for... or not wear them in (you weirdos who go all in to themes) and should be appreciated.

Tickets are less online at Ticketfly and more day of at the door. Here is this Sunday's menu for motivation:
Southern scramble w/ onions, black beans, jalapeños, and roasted corn
Sweet potato fries
Vegan cinnamon vanilla pancakes

Framework Coffee House will be on site to provide craft coffee and tea to take care of all of your caffeine needs.

Will's Pub is located at 1042 N Mills Avenue.


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