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NEW Burt Reynolds Institute opens in N. Palm Beach
(released 4/16/2018)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kimberly Burke

Volunteers at the Burt Reynolds Institute: Linda Sharone, Pepe Widenhouse, Mary Thixton, Historian Carmen Magri, Managing Director Donna Carbone, James Hook and Megan Zwaans. Photo by Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre

The staff, students, and volunteers of the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre have struggled to find a home to call their own. Today, the announcement was released that the institute has found a place in the Village Shoppes of North Palm Beach.

The new intimate space will allow students to hone their acting, improvisation, writing and filmmaking skills in a supportive environment. The institute will also house a black box theatre, where shows of original material written by emerging playwrights will be produced. The productions will encourage Florida audiences to take part in talk backs with authors following performances to give feedback.

Managing Director/playwright/novelist Donna Carbone said, "There is a huge difference between a critique and criticism. An honest critique can go far to help an author improve upon a written work. Criticism serves no purpose whatsoever. We value input from a discerning audience."

The new Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre is located at 133 U.S. Highway One, Suite 115, North Palm Beach, Florida 33408. The space will only be open during classes and when productions will be mounted.

Currently, the Institute offers classes in acting, scene study and character development, audition preparation, improvisation, teleprompter proficiency, writing for novel/stage/screen for adults and their unique Young Hemingway's writing class for children ages 10-14.

Find out about course offerings by calling 561-743-9955.


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