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'American Skin 2' Premiere Announced
(released 9/27/2005)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

Executive Producer of Latitude 25 Pictures, Rick Michaels and Thomas Griffith, Writer/Director of Straightaway Movies in Miami, announced that the first public showing of Griffith's work, 'American Skin 2.'

The edgy political drama, Griffith's specialty (Rope Art*, Wheels, Rules, Regs & Arrears**) is the sequel to mid-nineties 'under-ground' hit 'American Skin', written and directed by Michael Rohr of Washington, D.C. 'AS2' picks up ten years later and follows the original 'skin-head' political story line, but with much more depth and intrigue. It was shot in several locations in both the U.S. and Great Britain by a host of segment director/producers. The concept was developed by Griffith, as a cost cutting tool to get an international story from multiple cities, without having to leave South Florida. "Lots of UPS overnight delivers, long distance phone calls and hundreds of emails later, we were able to get the looks we wanted", says Griffith.

The second look at 'American Skin' has a bit of a different format, in that it was shot as episodic television. The 'AS2' premier will show the first two episodes. Show dates will be on Friday, October 15th and 22nd (show times are 7:30 and 9:45 each day) at Filtro Gallery, 2320 North Miami Avenue, just south of the Miami Design District. This non-profit showing will benefit The American Red Cross, Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.

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