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I Heart Flicks On Fairbanks
(released 2/2/2006)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

Flicks on Fairbanks is having a special FOF this Monday, February 6th to get everyone in the mood for Valentines Day. It is entitled "I Heart Flicks on Fairbanks" and will screen a variety of lovely short films.

In case you haven't been, here's the deal. Admission is free. Doors open at 8pm. Movies start at 8:30. It's a coffee house, so guess what? There's coffee.

Here's what's screening:

"Callback" directed by UCF Film student Cristina Alicia; written by Ms. Alicia, Drew Lindo and Katie Talmont. Running time: 5 min. A girl holds auditions... for a new boyfriend.

From Los Angeles by way of FSU - "Charm" written and directed by Melissa Rossi. Running time: 11 min. A 2005 Student Academy Award - Winning Musical Comedy Romance!

"The Egg" written and directed by local filmmaker Brian Feldman. Running time: TBC. World Premiere. How far would you go to prove your vegan love?

From Brooklyn - "I Love My Cat" directed by Jacob Stacey-Schreier; written by Christopher D. Ford. Running time: 3 min 12 sec. A man loves his cat, but will the cat come back?

"Impressing Laura" written and directed by local filmmaker Joe Vitrella. Running time: 7 min. Man gets in over his head.

"In Step" written and directed by UCF Film student Jeffrey Ashkin. Running time: 3 min. A lonely guy wakes up one morning, takes a walk and falls in love, all seen from below the knee.

"Jasper" written and directed by local filmmaker J. Issac Royffe. Running time: 8 min. All he wanted was a friend.

"Katie & Kasey" written and directed by UCF Film graduate Kyla Tomlin. Running time: 5 min 15 sec. Kasey struggles to deal with her inability to publicly show affection for her girlfriend, Katie.

From Tampa - "The Libertines" directed by recent eIncubator winner Jon Wolding; written by Brandon Windish. Running time: 8 min 51 sec. Candles, flowers, romance... everything a girl would expect the night of her "first time." What's so terrifying about that?

"Picnic Serenade" written and directed by UCF Film student Phillip Chernyak. Running time: 5 min 31 sec. Three couples go on a picnic... and then something strange happens. Strange, but good.

Your host for "I Heart Flicks on Fairbanks" is Brian Feldman, who in-between movies and Q&A sessions with the directors in attendance, will offer up dating strategies for the benefit of those "unlucky in love."

In addition, there will be prize giveaways, a lovingly handcrafted commemorative souvenir program and candy hearts for all in attendance!

To learn more about Flicks on Fairbanks, visit

Austin Coffee and Film
929 W. Fairbanks Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32789


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