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Boots on the Ground is casting for ALIYAH

University of Central Florida is casting for Before the World Was Big

Francky Studios, LLC is casting for Madan Papa(Sugar Baby) Short Film

Local Films at DMAC This Weekend
(released 4/21/2006)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

This Sunday, the DMAC is not only having movies all day, but local films will be screened beginning at 7pm with the return of the DMAC Short Film Slam. If you haven't heard of the Film Slam, it is described by the DMAC as the opportunity of talent locals to show their goods onscreen and win the admiration of their peers. This is the fourth of the monthly film slams this year.

Immediately following the Film Slam, DMAC is proud to host a screening of Delivery, a locally-produced feature written & directed by Jose Zambrano Cassella, produced by Pierfrancesco Atzori and Ralph Harden and shot in Orlando and Ocala. The story goes like this:

"Montgomery Goth (Matt Nelson) is a gentle loner with a traumatic past, trying to put the pieces of his life back together while working as a delivery boy for a local pizza restaurant.He has no friends, no life and no prospects for the future, until one day he meets Bibi (Tara Cardinal), and life seems to finally change for the better. But a series of events will test Montgomery’s sanity and awaken the demons inside of him, unleashing a murderous rampage that will keep everyone from ordering take out for a very long, long time."

DMAC Schedule for Sunday, April 23:

Street Fight - 1:00pm, 5:00pm
Oscar Animated Shorts - 3:00pm
Film Slam #4 - 7:00pm
Delivery (Local Spotlight Film) - 9:00pm

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