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ideas To Produce Two Projects With The Team
(released 8/18/2006)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment and The Team: Sports, Entertainment, & Media, located in Columbus, OH, and have entered into a joint venture agreement for the purpose of creating and producing original television programming, i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment CEO Bob Allen announced earlier this week.

As part of the joint venture, i.d.e.a.s. and The Team will collaborate to produce and facilitate distribution for original sports and entertainment programming for broadcast and various other channels of distribution.

"We are very excited about our partnership with i.d.e.a.s.," Dave Whinham, President & CEO of The Team said. "The people at i.d.e.a.s. bring great expertise and a tremendous reputation for producing world-class programming. This relationship marks the beginning of something big for both companies."

i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment CEO Bob Allen added, "The converged media market demands unique programming and new models. With The Team, we're excited to find a partner that shares our vision for cross-platform entertainment and brings tremendous professionalism and incredible business relationships. This is going to generate long-term significant benefits for both companies".

Two television products are currently under development by i.d.e.a.s Entertainment and The Team. One, a soon-to-be-announced sports-related television series, will be broadcast during the first and second quarters of 2007, while the other is a comedy-based project.

"In this expanding world of sophisticated sponsor integration, The Team's underwriting expertise and track record is the perfect addition to our original entertainment and sports programming development slate," said Greg Galloway, Vice President Entertainment for i.d.e.a.s.


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