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D7 Pilot Bound For New York TV Fest
(released 8/31/2006)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

The second annual New York Television Festival begins September 12th and will include the independent pilot "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]" in the Educational category.  Executive producers Cameron Roberts and Greg S. Jones, co-founders of D7, Inc., will be in attendance.  The pilot is the only Florida submission to be accepted into the festival.

The pilot is a comedic documentary/ travel/ history show.  Martti Nelson and Kim Roberts are two crazy chicks with a knack for storytelling and a penchant for dressing up like weirdos. To feed both obsessions, they created "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]", in which they live the past! See them travel the globe and re-enact important and obscure moments in history. Especially the obscure ones.  The pilot episode was shot in St. Augustine, Florida, and is a funny romp through that city's colorful history.

D7, Inc. teamed up with Zuwiekis Rule! Pictures to produce the pilot.

D7 Inc. is a  full-service high definition production and post-production company specializing in documentaries, media for theme parks and museums, internal communications, and broadcast commercials.

To view samples of their recent projects, please visit

Martti  and Kim's web page for the NYTVF:

D7, Inc. Contact: Cameron Roberts, 407-240-0677,
The New York Television Festival:


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