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3rd Annual Fear on Fairbanks
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By greenroomwire

Austin's Coffee (Voted Orlando Weekly's Best Coffee House of 2006) and Flicks on Fairbanks are proud to bring back the haunting and entertaining 3rd annual "Fear on Fairbanks" on Monday, October 2, 2006.

For the past three years, Flicks on Fairbanks - Central Florida's longest running coffee house cinema featuring short indie films and videos from everywhere - will be possessed by short horror movies about mayhem, murder, and the macabre.

This year's line up already features a spooky selection of frightful tales about monsters, zombies, vampires, and all things creepy.

In the deep recesses of his lair, the Butcher makes his mark on his next victim. Some may consider his work vulgar and disgusting, but the end product is certainly worth displaying in The Butcher, Baker, and Nightmare Maker (2006). Directed by Steffan Schulz. TRT: 1:00. Live action from San Francisco, California.

Central Florida director Joe Tassone keeps the evening's haunts going with an ultra short and ultra eerie warning about butting into your neighbor's business on All Hollow's Eve. In The Holiday House (2006) an electrician's neighbor has a buried secret for all to enjoy this Halloween. TRT 2:30. Live action from Orlando, Florida.

In Tom Priestley's Dracenstein (2005) a mad scientist's life turns pear-shaped after accidentally installing a vampire brain in his monster creation. TRT: 6:26. Animated from Australia.

After waking up in a coffin in Haiti, a young American named Kennedy must face down the Voodoo Bokor who put him in the hole in Entombed (2006). Directed by Steven Shea. TRT: 5:00. Live action from Orlando, Florida.

Gargoyle Wood (2006) is a gothic horror tale about a camping trip that takes a nasty turn when two sisters search for the truth of their father's death. TRT: 8:00. Live action from Ireland.

Jerry is desperate to find a job. He stumbles upon an ad in the newspaper that leads him to a dark basement. He soon learns from a voice on a loud speaker that he is to run an old rusty machine. He takes the job without hesitation, unaware of the horrors he will create as The Button Pusher (2006). TRT: 9:27. Live action from Portland, Oregon.

The line up is ever growing and more scary surprises are being planned in addition to the horror films.

Fear on Fairbanks is also in search of more shorts to add to the line up. Please read all submission guidelines at for more info. Austin's Coffee is located at 929 West Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park.

Admission is free and doors open at 8:00 PM. Movies begin at 8:30 PM. Get there early, because the coffee house will be packed!

Flicks on Fairbanks was created by Constantin Traian Preda in 2004 to spotlight excellent short indie films and videos from all over the world in a coffee house setting because he thought it would be fun. It is currently hosted by Orlando film maker Brian Feldman and Orlando actor Joey Monasterios.


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