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Both Candidates For Governor Agree On Film
(released 10/30/2006)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Kimberly Burke

Greenroom recently showed up to Orlando rallies for both gubernatorial candidates to pose the question, "The current administration appoints a film commissioner to manage and distribute the Florida Film Incentives. Will your administration also appoint this office and continue with the incentive?"

On October 14th, 2006, Jim Davis set up a town hall meeting at Rollins College. Jim Davis said "Yes. Definitely! We have a beautiful attraction. We have recently seen many productions go to Louisiana. Those are high wage jobs leaving our state. We definitely want to maintain and grow the film industry in this state."

On Thursday, October 26th, we caught up with Charlie Crist at a campaign volunteer rally held at the Marks Street Senior Center in downtown Orlando. "Yes. We will continue the Film Incentive and with the help of Burt Reynolds."

The governor's race this year will not divide the film community as it did in years past. The congruent nature of this issue at election time further strengthens the buzz that Florida film will continue to grow.


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