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First Film Slam at Enzian Theater
(released 1/15/2007)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

The newly reincarnated Film Slam took place at the Enzian Theater on Sunday, January 14th.  Six films were up for contention at the first installment at that location.  The films were as follows:

Security Deposit by Erica Matyas
Since September by Christopher Zawadski and Dana Buning
The Blue Moon Pull (Part I) by Young Kim
Aging Imaginations by Kirk Murray
A Man in the Attic by Ali Imran Zaidi
Speakeasy by E.R. Jess and Darren Ohl

First place went to A Man in the Attic by Ali Imran Zaidi.  This means that he has earned a trip back to the Grand Slam as part of the Brouhaha Showcase in December 2007.  The winner of that competition is guaranteed a screening at the Florida Film Festival in 2008.

If you wish to enter the next Film Slam, get your films in quickly.  The next one is February 11th.  There is no entry fee.  For more details, go or email the hosts of the Film Slam, John Theisen at or Brian Feldman at


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