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Sweet Taste of Flesh Wins Film Slam 5
(released 5/14/2007)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

May 13th, 2007 marked the date of the 5th Film Slam of this year. This month's winner was The Sweet Taste of Flesh by Sebastian Azicri. This has been Sebastian's second film at a Film Slam this year. He previously entered The Last Word in February and earned third place. Second place went to Dastoli Kissie Movie, a video collage by Anne Seabright and Brett Ryan Bonowicz. This was also their second entry. They previously had $358.20 screened in April. The third place movie was The Marauders' Worst Memory, a Harry Potter fan film by Erin Pyne.

The other entries for May were Bobo Tales a series of animations by A.J. O'Toole of Wolfhound, SubNormal by Angel Ignacio Anaya and Ricardo Garcia, and A Thousand Miles Behind by Joshua Martin. SubNormal was originally intended for entry into the On The Lot competition.

The next Film Slam (#6) will take place Sunday, June 10th at the Enzian Theater in Maitland. If you would like to enter your short film, please go to for details.

To view pictures from the Q&A, go to the PhotoSeen.


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