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Bad Commentary Media is casting for Anonymous Z

Swehla Productions is casting for Cosmic Romance Short Film

Jinx Productions is casting for The Lost Boy

Lineup Set for June 10th Film Slam
(released 6/7/2007)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By greenroomwire

This month's Film Slam is set for Sunday, June 10th at 1pm at the Enzian Theater. The running time is just under an hour and fifteen minutes, so with the Q&A afterwards, you can expect about an hour and a half. This round, there are six films; five are from Orlando and one is from Miami.

Tickets are $5.00 and parking is free. Light refreshments are available. The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland. To get your film in the next Film Slam, go to:

Below is the list of films along with information about them.


#1 - Playing with Myself (2007)
Written/Directed/Produced by Michael Capitelli (6 min 34 sec)
Orlando, FL •

#2 - ALL DEAD (2007)
Written/Directed by Anthony Demaris, Produced by Random Entertainment (9 min 59 sec)
Orlando, FL •

#3 - The Elevator (2007)
Written/Directed/Produced by Patricio Caicedo Gallo (11 min 26 sec)
Miami, FL •

#4 - Beneath the Surface (2007)
Written/Directed by Jonathon Vazquez, Produced by Steven Shea (20 min 21 sec)
Orlando, FL •

#5 - Leader of the Free World (2005)
Written by June Vasilis, Directed by Steven Gross, Produced by Artoro Escamilla (8 min 53 sec)
Orlando, FL •

#6 - That's the Name of That Tune (2007)
Written/Directed/Produced by Robert & James Dastoli (17:00 Min)
Orlando, FL (Soon to be LA) •


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