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Frances Sacarello is casting for No eres tu, no soy yo, es todo lo demas...

Moonshift Pictures, LLC is casting for The Limits

Big Promise Studios is casting for School Bus Diaries

Basic Recap on Incentives Through July
(released 8/17/2007)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

Last week, the Governor's Office of Film & Entertainment released an update on how many productions have applied for the state film incentive through July. So far, 46 productions had filed applications broken down as follows:

18 – Features (includes 2 in Indie Queue)
7 – TV Series- Reality
4 – TV Series – Drama
2 – Telenovelas
1 – TV Series – Children's
1 – Commercial
2 – Documentaries (Indie Queue)
5 – Interactive Projects in the Digital Media Projects Queue
6 – Withdrawn / Disqualified

On the same day, Pamplin Film Company announced that they have been certified for reimbursement on two of their projects, the feature film Crimebusters ($712,550) and the documentary The Oscar Lose Story ($30,191). PFC expects both of these projects to also qualify as "family friendly" productions. Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine (Hoover) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy) are signed to star.

The OFE also stated as a reminder that being certified means that money has been set aside for these productions. The production companies still have to go and spend money on qualified expenditures before being reimbursed by the state.


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