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Dream City is casting for Tina Turner Tribute Show

Upcoming Talk Show is casting for The Eric Williams Show

Kristy Irvin is casting for Satan the Great Deceiver

Final Film Slam of 2007 Is This Sunday
(released 11/7/2007)            Green Room Orlando News Feed Subscribe  
By Douglas Lorah

The last Film Slam of 2007 will take place Sunday, November 11th at 1:00pm at the Enzian Theater. Entry to the event is 5 dollars. The winner of this Film Slam will round out the 11 film entries into next month's Grand Slam as part of the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase. More details are available at

The Producer and Host of the Film Slam John Theisen details the event along with its history on a podcast at

Below is the list of short films in competition.


#1 - The Crimson Ghost - Trailer (2007) / 3 Min 15 Sec
Written/Directed by: Vincent Farrell, Produced by: Vincent Farrell & Michael O'Rourke
Orlando, FL -
Description: After a local college student is found murdered, rookie detective Duncan Richards sets out to solve the case.


#2 - Everybody Loses Something (2007) / 5 min 42 sec
Directed/Produced by: Eric Emerick, Written by: Tony Walters & Tanya Davis
Indian Harbor Beach, FL –
Description: Joe's marriage is in trouble. Unable to suppress his doubts any longer, he finally confronts his wife. Does the punishment fit the crime?


#3 - The Stacks (2007) / 4 min 15 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: David Bermejo
Orlando, FL -
Description: A student comes to the realization of his fatherless past while flipping through the pages of his dad's old yearbook.


#4 - The Blower (2007) / 3 min 30 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Banks Helfrich
Orlando, FL -
Description: One obsessed man. One powerful leaf blower. Many sidewalks.


#5 - Aspire Vicarious (2007) / 7 min
Written/Directed by: Elizabeth Anne, Produced by: Blake Bickerstaff & Elizabeth Anne
Orlando, FL -
Description: "Vivid Expression, Sensational Experience, Artistic Vision." Does this sound like you? Come visit Aspired Enterprises. Your dreams have already been realized.


#6 - The Original Gangster (2007) / 6 min 37 sec
Directed by: Jesse Scully, Written by: Ian Roddy & John Scully, Produced by: GM Productions & Hoop Films
St Augustine, FL –
Description: An urban legend depicting the rivalry and animosity that existed between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.


#7 - BarCampOrlando (2007) / 5 min 14 sec
Directed by: Jason Hawkins, Produced by: Gregg Pollack
Orlando, FL -
Description: A video montage of Orlando's first BarCamp, an event for like-minded technical people which took place on September 23, 2007 in college park.


#8 - Passing Through (2007) / 11 min 52 sec
Directed by: Craig Calamis, Written by: Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith, Produced by: Craig Calamis, Danny Bellini & Daniel Smith
Orlando, FL -
Description: John Smith, a traveling businessman passing through his hometown, is recognized and approached by an old friend from high school.


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