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Project Title:
The Un-Neurtic

Posted: (3/6/2017)

Production Company/School:
Kidd Rufio Productions

Contact Person: Josh Price


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Orlando


Join nine adolescences on their journey through the nightmare they share together.  United they stand to face their fears and ultimately scum to the being that stands before them.  

This project will be shot in the central Florida area.  Please respond with head shot and resume.  No experience required.  This is not a student film.  The production will shop this movie project to film festivals and world wide companies for distribution.  PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ACTORS ONLY.  More information will be given through the audition process.       

Pembrook Fitzsimmon – He's Freddy and Michael Myers mixed into one

Samantha Zupa – 50's female, head doctor at the mental felicity, shows no feelings for her patients  

Chelsea Cricket – 30's female, new to the mental felicity, kind and strong

Paul Budnick - 19 male, suffers from poor home life and theft

Ashley Jensen – 20’s average girl, pregnant and pill popper

Luke Jensen-mid 20’s skater male, heroin addict

Donny Conway – 19 male, comic book geek, the funny guy, suffers from sleep walking and schizophrenia 

Kelly York – 20’s, party girl, suffers from drug uses and alcohol abuse 

TJ Collins – 20's male hard drug user and law breaker   

Josh Stevens – 19 male pretty boy, he has agoraphobia and self abuse

Kendra Lacey –20's female, very beautiful but average, quiet suffers from self abuse and disillusions  

Mackenzie Tenner – 27 female the oldest one in the house, suffers from post rape and paranoia

Peter Barnabe – 20-30 male, Local police offer, strong minded, likes to help the patients 

Wally – 40's the oldest brother of the Johnson family.  Extremely White Trash hillbilly

Beans –Teenager, the dumb one in the Johnson family

Cecil –20's Wally's side kick very loyal  

Carly Upshaw – 20's female cheerleader type 

Madison Spiller – 20's female cheerleader type 



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