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Project Title:
Sting of Love

Posted: (4/4/2017)

Production Company/School:
PowerTrio Productions

Contact Person: Craig Butler


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Weirsdale, FL

Shooting Schedule: Sometime in May or June 2017

Audition Date: April 29, 2017; 1PM-4PM (Please email or call me for the audition address)

John: mid to late 30's. Lawyer, part of a firm. Busy, doesn't have a lot of time lately, trying to move up in the law firm. Divorced. Loves his kids but always seems pre-occupied and always kind of in a hurry. Average build, when not at work he dresses casual, nothing fancy. Well manicured as far as hair style, facial hair, etc... seems to get easily frustrated with teenage son, babies young daughter. A bit of a short temper. 

Kate: mid to late 30's. Well kept but looks a bit tired. Divorced from John. Takes care of the kids most of the time as John is always too busy for them. Average build. Always kind of has a worried look on her face, just trying to make a comfortable life for the kids. Works at the school that the daughter attends. She doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humor, always a bit serious, especially when it comes to the kids' relationship with their dad. 

Samantha: 6 years old. cute, funny. always smiling. loves her daddy, her brother, her mom and everything pink and frilly. Loves barbies and is just your average 6 year old american girl. This character can have any color hair but she is well maintained as her mother makes sure she is. Sam also tries to ignore the fights of her dad and brother but at times you can see it makes her a bit nervous. 

Joe: 12 year old average american boy. blames both parents for the divorce but holds more of a grudge against his dad. Dad isn't around and doesn't pay attention to the things Joe is interested in. Football, video games, etc... Joe is average build and can have any hair color but his mother requires it to look well maintained as well. Joe is usually quiet because he's irritated most of the time with his dad not being much of a dad the past year or so. But you see him longing for that relationship and he tries, usually failing at bringing some kind of closeness back between them. He seems kind of grumpy, has his arms crossed a lot, usually looks out into space, walks slow. Like he has an attitude but you can tell its just that he is hurt by the divorce and his father not being a good dad. 

If you have headshots or resume, you can email them to me or mail them to:

Craig Butler
PO BOX 337
Lady Lake, FL. 32158



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