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Project Title:
Crescent City Origins

Posted: (6/15/2017)

Production Company/School:
Terminal 52 Films

Contact Person: Kelly D Weaver


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

Terminal 52 Films is casting for the four part prequel short film series Crescent City Chronicles: Origins. We are now accepting video submissions so if you are interested please emails us at: for sides.

Mandatory Table Read on September 30th, 2017

Filming will begin in October 2017 and November 2017 (Weekend Shoots)

Here are the characters for the first film we will be casting for:

“Red Siren”


30’s to 50’s Any Ethnicity Male
Adam is the head security guard at Thorn Labs. He is good friends with Luna. Adam also has a crush on Luna and wants to ask her out but is afraid to ruin their friendship if Luna says now so he never says anything.

30’s to 40’s Caucasian Female
Monica is the head scientist at Thorn Labs. She is good friends with Dr. Ryan Morales. Monica is secretly dating Victoria Catherine. She doesn’t want it to be known until after she completes her special experiment. The answer to the question everyone around the world has been asking. Is there life after death?


20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Jennifer is one of the scientists at Thorn Labs. She is close friends with Sean Pittman. Jennifer used to date Sean’s brother before he was killed years ago. She is loyal to Monica and has stuck by her side through the years hoping Monica can truly find the answers man have been searching for.

30’s to 50’s Any Ethnicity Male
Ryan is one of the scientists at Thorn Labs. He is good friends with Monica. Ryan lost his daughter years ago and he hopes Monica’s experiment will reassures him that his daughter is in a better place.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Victoria is a security guard at Thorn Labs. She is secretly dating Monica. Victoria has a hate/tolerate relationship with Brandi. She hates Brandi for messing with her but tolerates her because they work in the same building. Victoria hopes to move on with her relationship with Monica and away from Brandi.

“The Other Side”


30’s to 50’s Caucasian Female
Krystal is the mother of Matthew and Dianna as well as the wife of James O’Connell. She hired a paranormal team to investigate her house that she feels is haunted. Her kids and husband have been attack so she hopes the paranormal team can help her family and give her some peace of mind.

20’s to 30’s Any Ethnicity Female
Caroline is a witch hunter who teams with Father Tobias and David Silverman. She comes from a long line of witch hunters. Caroline is good friends with Dianna O’Connell and secretly trains her in some hunting skills.

30’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Helena is an evil spirit who used to live at the house that is presently lived in by the O’Connell Family. She along with her sister Millie wants the family gone.

30’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female Millie is an evil spirit who dwells at the O’Connell house along with her sister. Just like her sister Millie hates the fact the family and wants them gone from the house.



20's to 30's Caucasian or Hispanic Female
Clare along with her half sister Heather Bloom have lived in Crescent City for 10 years. She is a college student at Crescent City University. Clare has seen it all in Crescent City. From the evil that men do to the creatures of the night walking the streets. So nothing surprises her and she lives a care-free life.

20's to 30's Any Ethnicity Female
Brittany is a student at Crescent City University. She is down to earth and easy to get along with. Brittany has a kind heart and is a quick learner. She is new to Crescent City and doesn't know it's dark history. She will soon find out.

20's to 30's Any Ethnicity Female Kristy is a student at Crescent City University. She doesn't trust most people and has a small circle of friends. When Kristy is at school she keeps to herself unless you are in that circle. She has had a tough upbringing and has some rough edges.


30's to 40's Any Ethnicity Male
Demitri is the head vampire in the House of Maximoff. He is the former enforcer of the House of Bathory but grew tired of their ways so he left and formed his own house. Demitri has a laid back personally but is one not to be taken lightly.

20's to 40's Any Ethnicity Male
Nomak is a member of the House of Maximoff. He may not look it but he is one of the ancients and has been around for centuries. Nomak hardly speaks but when he does only speaks in the vampire language and hates the way humans sounds so he refuses to speak English. He looks after Karel Crawford as he is the one who turned her years ago.

30's to 50's Any Ethnicity Female
Norma is a member of the House of Maximoff. She is a familiar and protects the house while the others sleep. Norma also runs errands and purchases food for the other familiars and blood for newly made vampires. She hopes that one day she will be turned when a suitable replacement is hired.



 20’s to 40’s Caucasian Female Amber is a werewolf hunter out of Wescom City. She is the sister of David, Natalie and Chloe. Her parents were hunters too and were killed at a young age so Amber has had to grow up fast and help raise her younger siblings along with her brother David. Amber works as a waitress during the day and hunts at night. She hopes to carry on her familes legacy as great werewolf hunters.

18 to 20’s Caucasian Female
Natalie is a college student in Wescom City. Natalie is the younger sister of Amber and David but is older than Chloe. She is studying to be a lawyer and get an internship at a local law firm when she graduates. Natalie doesn’t want to live the life that her parents and her older siblings do. She hopes she can help people another way since she feels she’s not good enough to be a hunter.

14 to 18 Caucasian Female
Chloe is a high school student in Wescom City. Chloe is the youngest sister of Amber, David and Natalie. She hopes to follow in her parents and older siblings footsteps. She’s been training since she was 10 and wants to go out on hunts with Amber and David. They won’t let her for now but one day she hopes they will.


40 to 60’s Any Ethnicity Female (must be able to speak a decent Irish accent)
Regina is a hunter and member of the famous Southern Cross, an organization of elite hunters. She is also the mother of Joseph, Esmeralda, Frankie and Serenity Chapel. She has been friends with the Hood family for years, as Amber, David, Natalie and Chloe’s parents were once members of the Southern Cross. Regina tries to visit the Hood children whenever she has free time and teach them new techniques as she is a fierce hunter herself.


20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Male
Kevin is a member of the Thorn family. He is also the leader of a wolf pack called “Bloodrose”. He and his pack have settled down in Wescom City and feel that it is a prime hunting ground. Kevin is an alpha and his pack is one of the strongest in the known world.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Emma is a member of the “Bloodrose ”. She is the top tracker and scout of the pack. Emma always goes ahead of the group and cases out a location before the others show up. She was born a werewolf and was one of the first ones to join Kevin’s pack.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Trace is a member of the “Bloodrose”. She was made and brought in by Emma. Trace was a troubled youth growing up and lived with an abusive father. Emma helped her with her problem and Trace has never looked back since. She feels that she owes Emma a doubt that she can never repay.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Male
Relik is a member of the “Bloodrose”. He used to be a serial killer before Kevin found him one day and turned him into a werewolf. With Relik extensive knowledge of killing, He is one of Kevin’s most efficient killers and most feared.

20’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Kristol is a member of the “Bloodrose”. She is new to the pack. Kristol keeps to herself mostly and only joins the pack when they go out on hunts. She’s a loner and doesn’t want to be bothered with things she could careless about.


30’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Male
Timothy is married to Shannon and the father of Jimmy. Alex is his stepson. He likes to take his family camping trips during the fall season while also teaching his youngest son how to hunt deer. Timothy hopes that this camping trips will bring the family closer together as he and his stepson often butt heads.

14 to 16 Any Ethnicity Male
Jimmy is the son of Shannon and Timothy. His stepbrother is Alex. Jimmy looks up to his dad and wants to be like him. He also wants his stepbrother and father to stop fighting all the time and hopes the latest camping trip will help that.

30’s to 40’s Any Ethnicity Female
Shannon is married to Timothy and is the mother of Jimmy and Alex. She works at a bakery and is known for her famous cream filled donuts. Shannon tries her best to be the peacekeeper between her son Alex and her husband Timothy. Now that Alex is back in her life full time, Shannon hopes he and Timothy will finally put their differences aside and get along for once.

18 to mid 20’s Any Ethnicity Male
Alex is the son of Shannon and half brother of Jimmy. He is also Timothy’s stepson. When his mother and father got divorced Alex went to live with his father mostly. A couple years ago his father died in a car accident and Alex went to live with his mother while going to college. Alex’s relationship with Timothy is like oil and water. He only tries to play nice because of his mother.

18 to mid 20’s Any Ethnicity Female
Mallory is Alex’s girlfriend. She also goes to the same college that he goes too. Mallory tries to stay out of the fights Alex has with Timothy but she does try to encourage him not to start things with his stepfather. Like Shannon and Jimmy, she hopes the latest camping trip will put the fighting to bed.



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